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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Acoplamientos de Miércoles (Cinco de Mayo)

Buenos dias, mis amigos. And a very happy Cinco de Mayo to everyone.

Hopefully you have a few Coronas on ice and you'll be celebrating... um, whatever it is Cinco de Mayo celebrates.

In the meantime, it's been far too long, so let's get to some links...

-- A heads up for anyone interested: Matt Stinchcomb will be speaking at the Chattahoochee Valley Bulldog Club on May 17 at the Main Columbus Library Auditorium. The event is free for members of the Bulldog Club or you can get more details at

-- Tim Tucker plucked this tidbit from a Louisville Web site noting that Zach Mettenberger might be looking at playing for the Cardinals, which would mean a trip to Sanford Stadium in the near future.

I know a few of you have asked, and here's the deal on Mettenberger's transfer: He's free to go anywhere he wants without restriction. If he transfers to another FBS school, however, he'll need to sit out one year. If he transfers to an FCS school, he can play immediately. Everything I've been told, however, is that he plans to move to an FBS school, but it's unlikely it will be an SEC program.

And no, I didn't write about his plea deal in Remerton. I was out of town until Monday evening, so by the time I had a chance to write the story, it was already water under the bridge.

Three things I think are important from these developments though:

1.) It's a good thing for both Mettenberger and Georgia that the story can now be put behind them. We know what happened, we know why Mark Richt did what he did, and we know that the future begins now for both player and program.

2.) Yes, the true story of what happened in Remerton matched a number of the rumors I read on message boards and via forwarded emails. BUT... don't forget it was just last month that Georgia supposedly had four players slapping a woman around in a taxi. Just because one rumor turned out to be true doesn't mean you should start believing all of them.

3.) Last year, we coined the phrase "Beyond Crompton." I think this year's Bulldogs Blog catchphrase needs to be "Banished from Valdosta." I'm thinking it'll refer to something bad that happens that really has virtually no effect on the aggrieved party. For example, "Georgia would have been totally banished from Valdosta if Bryan Evans had gone down with an injury last season."

-- Dawg Stephen appreciates Mark Richt's nice-guy approach to his players, but he's glad to see a more hard line being taken in terms of discipline these days.

-- I chatted with Bill Shanks on his radio show yesterday about this story, but his column in today's Telegraph is an interesting one. Why is Mark Richt getting some political love in Atlanta when his team is coming off its worst season and has had its share of off-field problems of late?

My take is that it's a pretty easy political stand for the folks in Atlanta. Who's going to argue with a politician who says Mark Richt is a good guy? That's like saying steroids are bad. It's universally approved. But for Richt, this reminds me a bit of last week's press release on recruiting. It was no doubt done with the best of intentions, but it sort of looks bad in the big picture to be touting your merits when your recent track record has been so meritorious.

-- The Senator finds a few more folks talking about the potential warmth of Mark Richt's seat in Athens.

-- I don't know when we'll get a final resolution to the Logan Gray saga, but Dancing in the End Zone nevertheless offers a video retrospective.

-- Buck Belue offers some support for Mike Bobo in his latest blog.

-- The Palm Beach Post catches up with Reshad Jones, who had a solid minicamp with Miami and offers some discussion of his time at Georgia.

-- Mark Schlabach posts his revised preseason top 25 for college football and Georgia comes in near the bottom of the list. I actually don't have any major problems with his rankings, but if you asked me which top 10 team was mostly likely to disappoint... I'd be hard pressed to pick someone other than Florida.

-- Herschel Walker is looking to land an MMA fight in Atlanta.

-- Athens Clarke Central's Alan Posey will be heading to Tennessee in 2011.

-- Demario Mayfield has decided to play for a former Dennis Felton assistant.

-- Georgia's men will host the first and second rounds of the NCAA tennis regionals in Athens.

-- So after this was played up virtually everywhere from Jon Stewart to "SportsCenter"... is it any surprise another Philly fan ran on the field again last night? Sometimes I long for the halcyon days of throwing batteries at JD Drew and snowballs at Santa. This stuff is really starting to give my fellow Philly fans a black eye.

-- I missed this story from a San Francisco Chronicle writer, but I inadvertently boycotted Sunday Night Baseball anyway. But from the sounds of things, they'll be plenty of other chances for you to do the same this season.

-- Books on Baseball looks at the 10 strangest injuries in the sport.

-- I haven't watched last night's "Lost" yet, and it's already been nearly impossible to avoid spoilers. Regardless, there's some good news on the finale: We'll be getting an extra 30 minutes.

-- Remember like six months ago when I laid out the reasons why I thought "Glee" sucked? Wonder why everyone else is just catching on to them now?

-- Despite it's suckitude, "Glee" is among TVs biggest money makers. Oddly, No. 5 on the list is a show viewers really have stopped watching.

-- I woke up this morning thinking, "You know what, I really wish I smelled more like Bruce Willis." And now... like a gift from God... I can. Yippie-ki-yay.

-- There seems to be a good bit of debate over the future of "Ghostbusters III."

-- And finally, speaking of projects for Bill Murray, here's a video of him reading poetry to construction workers that is every bit as awesome as it sounds.


UGA69Dawg said...

Reshad's comment about his move from Free to Strong at UGA just seals the deal on Bye Bye Willie. The only person that apparently didn't know this was happening was CMR or maybe he did and that's what got Willie fired.

Unknown said...

gracias wey! Yo te amo David! Tu estas mi beat writer favorito!!

I swear I'm married to a beautiful woman by the way.

JoshG said...

In honor of Bruce Willis and Cinqo de Mayo, "Donde es la zapateria?"

Anonymous said...

Wait...who is the guy that Reshad was saying was struggling and UGA moved to safety last year? For the life of me, I can't recall who was stinking up the field in 2008 at corner and then was moved to safety in 2009....

Cojones said...

Hola! Esta no Cinco de Mayo sans Cojones. Como es el Perro de Torro Georgia? Es bueno, no?

Alto! Reshad y Bryan estemos gran y bueno hombres. No estemos hijo de las putas! "Posters" dame mieda!

King Jericho said...

@anon 2:03

you're not talking about Asher Allen, are you? That's the only name that comes to mind.