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Monday, May 17, 2010

Changing His Stripes

It kind of slid under the radar, but this comment from Mark Richt at last week's Macon Bulldog Club meeting caught my eye...

"Even his high school coach said, 'Coach, I think he's on defense.' He said it the day we got him. But we were smarter than that, and we thought, no, once he gets to do it more, he's going to be something else."

The quote is in reference to Richard Samuel, who pretty much everyone seemed to understand would be better suited for linebacker, but instead spent two full seasons -- including the first half of last year as the starter -- trying to play running back.

Now, to Samuel's credit, he did study hard and he did have breakaway speed and he was a big, bruising body -- so if things had clicked, perhaps he could have been a heck of a running back.

But the quote above strikes me as the biggest reason fans were -- and in some cases, still are -- so upset with Richt last year.

For all the "never been in the arena" talk from the head coach, it sure seemed like the folks on the outside had a lot right.

The fans understood the defense was headed in a bad direction, and the result was five games in which UGA allowed at least 34 points.

Fans knew the kickoff strategy was flawed, and the result was a loss to LSU because of a bad kickoff late in the game. (And, to be fair, a ridiculous penalty on A.J. Green.)

Fans knew that personnel changes needed to be made, and while Bacarri Rambo helped save the Auburn game, far too many big plays also occurred while Bryan Evans chased futilely after a receiver destined for the end zone.

For all the talk about turnovers and penalties and off-field incidents… it still seems like if the defensive strategy had been adjusted, slumping seniors had been benched, kickoffs had gone deep and the answer at RB had been found a bit earlier, Georgia might well have enjoyed a 10-win season (or better) last year.

And the problem wasn't so much that fans recognized those problems last year. It was that they recognized them in 2008, when Georgia actually did win 10 games. And like with the Samuel situation, Georgia's staff knew better and stubbornly stuck to philosophies that utterly frustrated fans.

On the upside, virtually every one of those issues has been addressed this offseason (along with a handful of others, including a renewed emphasis on recruiting the state of Georgia, constant talk of fundamentals, etc., etc.).

So for the second straight year, I discount much of the "hot seat" talk about Richt. But I can't help but wonder if much of that talk could have been avoided altogether if just a few of this offseason's concessions had been made a year earlier -- regardless of whether or not Georgia still finished with five losses.

So here's my question: Have all the offseason moves left you with as much confidence in Richt as you ever had? Or did two years of stubborn insistence on a largely unsuccessful approach shake your belief?

Or perhaps more to the point -- will you stick by Richt if Georgia finishes 8-5 again this year, but does it with a more fundamentally sound D, a better approach to kickoffs and a duo at tailback that understands how to play the position?


Anonymous said...

Obviously the man knows how to coach based on the record. I think he has made the necessary changes for UGA to be a much improved team in the long run. It might not happen completely this year but I think the future is bright for UGA and Coach Richt!

Anonymous said...

Now your just another reporter stirring the "hot seat" pot. Your most disappointing post ever!

heyberto said...

To answer your questions in the last paragraph, yes and yes. Richt may have been stubborn a bit, but not too stubborn. I'm glad we had the losses we had if that prompted the change in defense. As for our record, I'm prepared to take some licks this year.. particularly early in the season and record doesn't matter so much to me if the effort is there and the scheme seems to be working on Defense. We'll see, but it would have to be a pretty monumental breakdown this year for me to call for Richt's ouster, but I'd be shocked if such a breakdown occurs. The administration is going to give him time. Grantham didn't get an multi-year contract because of a lack of faith in Richt. Not that they couldn't absorb it if they make a change at the end of the season, but the message Damon and co. sent is that they're committed to this program under Richt.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, shaken. Instate recruiting has been sorely lacking from the Dooley days. The other issues have been so obviously neglected... it will take more than some off season posturing to correct. We have had some tremendous athletes that have been lost in a coaching black hole.It will take time to re-establish a top tier program but time is a valuable commodity in the current college football landscape ...even for a highly successful coach. Asking for patience is these days is like giving an enema to a python.

Anonymous said...

The problems UGA faced the past few years are no different than some corporation that has had the same group of guys running it for many years. They have a certain mindset as to the way they want to do things and are too proud and/or arrogant to consider alternative solutions.

Bringing in new blood allows for some fresh ideas....and an objective analysis of the old ways of doing business.

Anonymous said...

I for one am satisfied that CMR has taken the steps necessary to right the ship. But also, I see what he has done these last 9 years in top 10 records, SEC Championships, but more importantly, in the lives of the student athletes. I know the lunatic fringe is all about beating FL and National Championships, but in looking at 90 wins in 9 years and the man that leads our team, I am satisfied. I believe he will get there and I believe he has made the necessary changes. I am truly proud to have a man of his character lead our Team.

Anonymous said...

As far as I know Richt made the out of the arena comment 1 time. And frankly he is right. Most writers have never played or coached. Do they offer good perspective? sometimes. But most of the time it is just whinning. Which is why they are writers. Always clever with language but never back it up with action, I think 117 something other programs need to fire their coachs or close their football programs down since theyve never won a NC. I guess thats the logic of the anti Richt crowd. Richt is a great coach and great for UGA. GO DAWGS!

David Hale said...

Anon 8:24: Not sure if you read all the way through but I specifically said "I don't believe the hot seat talk"... I'm just asking how much last year's problems would affect fans if this year is another 5-loss season.

Unknown said...

I am very pleased with the changes. However, my faith in Richt has been shaken. I hope he can right the ship, but our competition is much improved since Richt was hired. Further, I am still not sure about our offense. I don't know that Bobo stacks up with the other offensive coaches in the SEC. Even if the defense plays much better if the offense still stinks then I think Richt is in trouble.

RC said...

Instate recruiting sorely lacking from the Dooley days? It is exactly Dooley's inattention to instate recruiting that allowed for the rise of Auburn, Clemson, and Florida State at our borders in the 80's, as he seemed perfectly content to ride out the string on the goodwill he (Herschel) banked on the phenomenal '80-'82 run.

Yes, Richt took his eyes off the prize in terms of instate recruiting and is doing the right thing by drawing this line in the sand right now, but Dooley is hardly the model in that regard.

Anonymous said...

I think Richt learned from the last few years. He delegated to his staff and relied on his coaches to make the right decisions. The fans reacted to the poor coaching of his staff that was causing bad performance, frustration and losses. He stuck up for his staff during the year but ultimately showed that he agreed with the fans by releasing the problematic coaches. I think that handling it the way he did keeps his in season loyalty to his coaches and the descretion she showed with the firing / hiring of replacements gives him great crediblilty with his bosses/ fans / his staff. Despite the fan / message board uprising during the entire ordeal. This is why Richt is not on the "Hot seat." If he was bashing his coaches / team during the season or fired coaches during the season, his leadership would be much more in question. He has made the university of georgia look good in how he handled a potentially explosive situation and looks to everyone that he has made the appropriate steps to redirect the program in a winning direction. I give him great credit for that and think that it is his professional behavior combined with winning credentials that makes his job secure for sometime. He has earned several more seasons to turn things around.

Ally said...

David, what was Richt's next statement after the one you included? Seems like last week i read this quote from Richt, but he also went on to say that he should've listened to Samuel's Coach. <>

Can you include the entire statement from Richt on Richard Samuel please?

Thanks so much! Go Dawgs!

Anonymous said...

I am with heyberto, if we won 9 or 10 games last year Martinez would still be here. I would not like another 8 win season but if fundamentals improve I will be happy. But then again if fundamentals improve we should win more than 8 games. What I can't stand is the lack of adjustment on D and players constantly out of position and when they are in position having poor tackling technique leading to easy scores. I must also say that I am extremely pleased we got CTG instead of Kirby. I really wanted Kirby bad but now that I have seen how CTG operates I couldn't be happier. Go Dawgs!

Kathleen said...

I will say that his mis-judgment regarding Samuel has made it hard for me to be assured 100% when he says that we should watch Aaron Murray's video and that Murray will be fine. That's not a bash against Murray, it's just that after the experience with Richard, I am not super confident in Richt's assurances of who's right for which job.

Todd said...

David's quote from Richt makes me more confident in the man. There aren't many coaches out there willing to admit when they are wrong (and to publicly say so) - leadership requires humility at times. Great leaders know when to change courses when things aren't working.

David Hale said...

Ally -- Here's the full quote:

"Even his high school coach said, 'Coach, I think he's on defense.' He said it the day we got (Samuel). But we were smarter than that, and we thought, no, once he gets to do it more, he's going to be something else. And he did have some special abilities at running back, but as it turned out, we had some other guys that just had more feel for the position and took his playing time."

He went on to discuss Richard's future at LB as well.

Reptillicide said...

You guys still complaining about Bobo are retards. The numbers and results show that you are just ignorant of what is actually happening. Bobo is a heck of a coach and a recruiter.

Unknown said...

I have never understood why coaches refuse to at least listen to the masses. No amount of time spent "in the arena" was going to change the fact that Samuel was not meant to be a tailback, that Bryan Evans was not an SEC-caliber safety, or that Willie Martinez was not worthy of the coordinator title. For whatever reason, no amount of emails, sports columns, spreadsheets or bar graphs could convince Coach Richt of those things, or much of anything else. While "the mob" is usually wrong more often than it is right, you should still take their pulse and be open to the idea that they may be on to something. Here's hoping that the changes were made in time to bridge the widening gap between us and the lizards down south.

Anonymous said...

I don't think CWM stays in Athens if UGA won one more game, 2 more maybe.

Samuel was improving but did not seem to have the vision in the open field. I am more bothered that UGA has had so many elite 11 QBs but RB has been more thin on top shelf talent.

I am happy with the changes that were made. Also somewhat bothered that sitting in on more meetings is the solution for others. CMR has earned a couple more years but after nearly a decade as HC and the OC being in position for 4? years, it is time to have the program headed up hill, or changing things to fix the problems.

8-5? I would not be happy as any UGA fan shouldn't be. However standing by CMR? it depends on how that 8-5 happens and reactions to it. S. Car looks to have their best team in decades, Arkansas is supposed to be the darkhorse, Auburn is improving. The schedule in short is still far from easy. The defense will blow some reads/assignments, offense has a 1st yr starter at QB. I do see growing pains and that could result in an 8-5 season. I do expect to see play calling improve in all 3 areas of the game. So at 8-5 I maybe looking forward to next year or wanting more coaching changes.

At the end of '06, UGA fans were not all that happy with the season but if you watched you knew that if the turnover problem was fixed '07 could be a very good year. After Auburn I knew UGA could make a run in '07. I can see this fall turning out the same way, young players and new systems costing some wins but being a learning experience setting up a strong season.

Anonymous said...

Without the top-notch defensive coaching of Brian Van Gorder for Richt's first 4 years at UGA, and the benefit of tons of talent in GA, I'm not sure Richt would have the UGA job. He never signs enough players on signing day, still has trouble managing a clock after all these years, and has huge problems evaluating not only player talent, but assistant coaching talent. QB Cox 'locked-on' to receivers - in his 5th year under Bobo & Richt. Knowshon was red-shirted. Tereshinski was started ahead of the obviously-far-more-talented Stafford. Dawgs had 2 sophmore kickers on scholarship last year?! No, Richt is not on the hot seat by any stretch of the imagination, but I strongly doubt he'll bring a championship to UGA due to his tendancy to screw up. The only way UGA gets a national championship is if Grantham turns out to be as good as Van Gorder.

Anonymous said...

Weak instate recruiting? Like maybe Knowshon Moreno, Matthew Stafford, AJ Green. Screw Eric Berry.

Michael said...

8-5 would be a total failure. Freshman QB? Lets be clear… he’s a red-shirt freshman, not a true freshman, and after horrible QB play last year there should be an improvement there.

We have a veteran offensive line, and tons of talent all over the place both on O and D.

Yeah, we are changing to a 3-4 defense and a new D coordinator, but those are good things compared to last year.

So another 8-5 year would be a total disaster.

We have 8 gimme wins: UofL-L, at SC, at MSU, at Colorado, Tenn, Vandy, at Kentucky, Idaho.

That means to get to 10 wins, we only need to win 2 of these: Arkansas, at Florida, at Auburn, Ga Tech

We have a GREAT schedule this year. Honestly, anything less than 10 wins is a disappointment, and 11 is extremely possible.

Michael said...

To answer the question though:

I don't consider CMR to be on the hot seat. It would take 2-3 more mediocre seasons like last year for me to start to have serious concerns.

But the last 2 years shook my confidence because of the "in the arena" talk and the refusal to address problems in the off season (until this one).

Anonymous said...

MSU with Mullen coud be very dangerous. He is creative and a new defense could easily miss assignments. UT will be well coached. Kentucky is dangerous, they did win in Athens and Auburn last year. I would not say they are gimmes but UGA should win.

I can see 8-5 but I expect 9 or 10 wins.

David Hale said...

I'd say UGA should and will be favored in both games BUT... to call @SC and @MSU gimmes is a big assumption. I'd bet neither of those are easy wins... but Georgia should be favored in both.

Paul said...

Every year, regardless of who the players and coaches are, we have fans insisting that there is no way we should lose more than one or two games. Every year, regardless of who the players and coaches are, we have fans and writers alike insisting that the head coach, coordinator(s) or some combination of the two are on the hot seat. Given enough seasons, one or both will eventually be right. In my opinion, neither are correct regarding Georgia football in 2010.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:33: moreno was from jersey and stafford from texas. what exactly does "instate recruiting" mean to you?

Dr. Merkwurdigliebe said...

Mr. Hale, is it me or are you trying immolate Kitty Kelly? Just because Paul Finebaum goes down the hot seat path doesn't mean you should engage in such ridiculous speculation.

If Richt goes 8-5 this season it will be because of injuries to key players and our defense doesn't have the right personnel to effectively run Grantham's new scheme. In either case I will support the Georgia Bulldogs and coach Richt. However, I don't believe we'll go 8-5 this year. If Murray has a solid year and the rest of the cast do their jobs, we should win 9 or 10 games this year.

Anonymous said...

I think this is a bit of pot stirring just to get some conversation going on a slow day of news. But I love you anyway! Your blog is always fun.

South FL Dawg said...

I have to see how the season plays out. There are way too many variables. Even if the record is the same, how they get there could be totally different.

Ally said...

Thanks David! Words like that from Richt are just one of the many reasons why i (and many others) have so much respect for him...even if he has tried our patience the last couple of years lol.

Great post-i don't get why so many took issue with you for it. Chalk it up to a Monday 4 months outside of Football season i guess?

Loved the USA Today LOST link btw!

Cojones said...

For all you Samuel experts....thhtttaatt (with my tongue sticking out). Don't know if any of you saw a game where Samuel went out for a pass and the camera view at the end of the pass was at ground level and next to the EZ flag looking back upfield. Samuel looked around while the ball was in the air and the camera angle showed the ball headed right at the flag. It appeared as if Samuel pulled up as the ball came directly over his head and if he had extended or leapt for the ball, it would have been a td. It appeared as if he had an attitude problem. It could have been that he never saw the ball when he looked back, but it is worth mentioning that the announcer didn't comment at all(didn't say it was overthrown,didn't say there was no effort,etc.).Silence. I watched his individual effort closely after that when he ran the ball. There was no authority, no aggressiveness, no spirit when he hit the line. Shortly thereafter he was replaced by Washaun/King.

Call it what you like, but I got the distinct impression that Samuel was sulking over something and it had affected his running/blocking and attitude in general. It wasn't coaching, it wasn't blocking at the line , it wasn't QB skills. It was Samuel. I think he will be happier with a renewed attitude at linebacker and that will be good for us and for him. Richt probably eschewed chewing Samuel out and hurting his career (whereas other unresponsible coaches could let it drop that Samuel's attitude sometimes stinks) and instead held his fire and is trying everything he can to get him back on the great athlete's career track that he is capable of.

You coaching experts with hindsight use any variation of what is going on "in the arena" to insinuate negatively toward Richt. You are wrong. Richt and his staff know more and with experience than any of you could ever think up. You appear stupid when you reiterate your insensitive and ignorant remarks about how you have gotten Richt to see the error of his ways. Did any of you ever think that he is simply playing it politically smart with his statements and throwing some of you old and feckless "experts" a soft bone?

Anon at 8:52 AM had it right. I'll leave you with a quote from my old major professor at UGA: " The word "Expert" is composed of two words; "X" is an unknown quantity in mathematics and "Spurt" is a drip under pressure. An "Expert" is generally defined as some unknown drip under pressure." Hail to all you "Experts".

David Hale said...

Seriously, why would I have an axe to grind against Richt or anyone else at UGA? I'm at a loss to understand this. If you followed the blog at all through the Grantham hiring you'd know that the worst possible thing that could happen to me would be for Richt to get canned and me have to cover another coaching search. All I'm doing is trying to gauge the feeling among fans... I have absolutely no understanding of why some fans are so puzzled by why I might do that.

Kathleen said...

There's a lot I don't know BUT I do know from first-and-a-half hand experience that Richard Samuel is not known as a kid with an attitude. His frustration, if it was observed, was undoubtedly with himself if it was there; that is a kid who will play where ever he's needed. That is a smart, hard-working kid who was misplaced, and I'd hate for anyone to have a negative opinion of Samuel as a person because of that.

Cojones said...

It could be that we infer "changing his stripes" as having a negative connotation. Anything written after the title would then be ex- and incised. It appears quite a few respondents took it that way. Please explain what YOU meant, David. Maybe we have another expression for The Lexicon. Or you could "change your stripes".

Cojones said...

It seemed to me also that you didn't like the "never been in the arena" comment. It's more true now than it was when he uttered it. It seemed to me earlier as it does now that you feel those words were aimed at you. If so, you should let it go else we may get the opinion that you stubbornly feel that you can't be differed with and that would make for fewer and shorter communications from your fans. All of us are only writing opinions. As I've written before; too much candy(praise) can make one old and toothless.

I'll be damned! My word verification is "umble".

David Hale said...

Cojones -- first off, I have no issue with the "never been in the arena" comment. It's fans who had the issue with it.

The point of my post was that I was curious to see whether fans were generally more upset with last year's record or with how that record came to be. In saying that, I inquired as to how fans would feel about a similar record in 2010 but one in which Richt had clearly addressed their primary concerns from the past two seasons.

And "Changing His Stripes" is a more than apt title. This offseason has been ALL about change for Richt.

And, my point is, I don't get why..

a.) It's OK to infer what one line in a story might mean and react to it -- in many cases in an overtly over-the-top fashion -- without simply asking me, "What did you mean by that?"

and b.) My job is as an objective writer. I don't need to write Richt a letter of recommendation or be a cheerleader for anyone. BUT... I also did not offer any opinion whatsover in this post. I simply stated the facts as I've been told and I rehashed some of the varying ideas I've heard from fans as a prelude to the ultimate question I referenced above.

The problem, I think, is that a number of people are particularly sensitive to anything that they don't think matches their preconceived notions. But I don't have any preconceived notions. My job is to find the truth -- or as close to it as I can. So rather than simply shrug off "hot seat" talk, I wanted to get a better idea of how actual fans felt.

Rather than have it become a legitimate discussion of the situation, however, a number of people decided to make it a discussion of my "agenda"... which is absurd.

Anonymous said...

Don't bring that weak crap in here that we have a duo tandem at Tailback.

We do NOT.

Caleb King has 14 yards rushing against Vandie.

Then, we go to Florida 17-41 LOSS. Caleb King has 19 total yards against Florida catching and running.

19 yards.

That doubles his yardage to date in the 6 big games of 2008 and 2009 for our STARTING TAILBACK.

33 yards rushing in our 6 big games of 2008 and 2009 for Caleb King.

You need to get ready for this now.

This is all I am going to tell you about Caleb King and the FAVORITES that Coach Richt and Mike Bobo play on Offense.

At this point, with these 6 big games of UGA with Caleb King a grand total of 33 yards rushing…

Get ready for it now


Caleb King.


Washaun Ealey had 1 fumble and lost it and led the team in Rushing.

Caleb King had twice as many fumbles as Washaun Ealey and Caleb King lost both fumbles of his.

Did I mention we lost to a lousy 7-6 Kentucky team not ranked in the Top 25 Final AP Poll obviously at HOME with Caleb King the Starting Tailback ?

So, there you have it the sum total of Caleb King.

And, he is your RETURNING STARTING TAILBACK Aaron Murray Mike Bobo and Coach Richt are relying upon.

God help us.

And, please try to address not the Defense which is probably the best defense we have fielded in 30 years at UGA this season up-coming, and not the special teams which feature all new coaches at every aspect of special teams plus the 2 best kickers on one team...

but the offense -


21 fumbles a year every year last 4 years in a row

14 interceptions a year every year last 4 years in a row

# 96 NCAA in Penalties EVERY year for the last 4 years in a row too.

Where is your comment David Hale, sir, that EVERY FAN at Sanford Stadium was booing the PLAY CALLS of Mike Bobo.

Where is your comment that EVERY FAN said fire Mike Bobo AND Willie Martinez.

Where is your comment that we have failed to prepare our quarterbacks OTHER THAN JUST ONLY DJ SHOCKLEY in the entire Coach Richt Era ?

Anonymous said...

4 losses 2006 no QB prepared
5 losses 2009 no QB prepared
? losses 2010 no QB prepared yet AGAIN

Redshirted Knowshon Moreno so we only got to see him 2 years only

Ripped Redshirt off Washaun Ealey in the 3rd quarter of the 5th game, still he led the team in Rushing and got only 2 starts and NEITHER OF THEM the last 2 games.

Waited until the 12th game of the 13-game season, in 14-game seasons nowadays, to make Orson Charles the Starter. He had 23 catches his freshman year and because we play FAVORITES on OFFENSE, we Started Aron White (who defended Zach Mettenberger LOUDLY) because he had 3 catches his freshman year by DIRECT CONTRAST.

We threw the ball to Marlon Brown 2 times all season

We threw the ball to Branden Smith 2 times all season

THOSE are the 2 best players we recruited last year

Richard Samuel, who LOST the Georgia tek game with his fumble at our goal line, giving tek the game, was made STARTER at Tailback, despite the fact that Washaun Ealey is the # 11 best running back recruit in the nation.

Joe Cox who led the nation in fumbles and interceptions, with a chronic sore arm keeping him out of practice EVERY WEEK, who also had the flu and had to fly to Okie State in a private ride because of the flu, still started and played the whole game. We scored nothing, and Okie State ended the season NOT RANKED in the Top 25 Final AP Poll. Our season was shot. Wasted. Lost. Over.

When we struggled finding a running game, did we hand the ball to either of the Fullbacks ? Hell no. They had no carries all season long.

We have a Quarterback coaching tight ends

We have a great running back coaching wide receivers

We have a former wide receiver whose DAD was a great running back coaching running backs

We have an offensive coordinator whose claim to fame is that he was the quarterbacks' coach at JAX State community college for one year.

Coach Richt last month agreed and DEMOTED all these OFFENSIVE COACHING STAFF.

Taking over complete responsibility for the offense himself, Coach Richt did.

Our problems - staring at South Carolina on the road at night with a freshman quarterback who threw his arm out all last Fall missing 21 Fall Practices, who was injured the year before too in both his ankle and his leg and who runs the 40-yard dash at 4.7 slower than The SEC linemen, is small 198 lbs dripping wet and small who showed all kinds of pressure in front of 39,000 fans and who threw the worst of all the QBs all 3 scrimmages throwing the most interceptions and fewest TDs and who overthrew all 5 deeper type passes - if HE cannot beat South Carolina in Game 2...

Frustrated Hell yeah.

Coach Richt will have a LOSING RECORD in The SEC East over the last 5 years then at 10-11.

Anonymous said...

There is so much of this clique who say if you dare to point out that we have :

lost 8 games to teams NOT RANKED in the Top 25 of the Final AP Poll in the Coach Richt Era

lost 8 games to teams in the Top 10 of the Final AP Poll and won only 3 in the Coach Richt Era

not able to beat the good teams

not able to beat the teams everyone else does

unable to get out of our own division of our own conference

10-10 vs SEC East when the SEC East has been LOUSY the last 4 years outside of Florida

1-3 vs vols last 4 years
1-3 vs Florida last 4 years
2-2 vs Kentucky last 4 years
Lost lousy South Carolina 6-6 team in ADDITION not even in bowl game
Lost lousy 4-8 Vanderbilt team too
All this just the last 4 years in our own Division

if you dare to point out that we are NOT GREAT

that 38-14 over the last 4 years is # 19 in the nation in wins the last 4 years

They come out of the woodwork questioning your mama

What they do NOT do is address the fact that they themselves make the same comments of how frustrating all of this has been the last 4 years

The 1st 5 years of the Coach Richt Era, Coach Richt did great

with Jim Donnan recruits

Since, now starting his 10 th year, in other words the last of the next 5 years

we find yet again 4 or 5 other SEC teams ALL RANKED AHEAD OF UGA.


This year.

Is South Carolina going to be ranked ahead of us too ?

39 arrests / suspensions in just the last 4 years

# 9 in SEC football graduation rates according to the latest NCAA study

Oh we are doing great

Everything is coming up roses.

If you want to know the truth of the matter David Hale, it is MORE ABOUT Bible Thumpers than it is ANYTHING ELSE.

See if you can get them to address the issues on offense.

In Wins over the last 4 years at 38-14, we are nationally # 19

Cojones said...


How does performing one's job as coach get referred to as "changing his stripes"? So, any time the coach does something that you and those particular fans that you refer to agree with and have moaned about, then that is "changing his stripes"? That particular part of the fan base hasn't posted so loud and clear this blog. I've read more from the fan base on here that disagrees with you concerning that pronouncement. They are using their time to post because they are your friends.

Speaking of selecting a line, you should read your intro again because you did that to our(your's and mine) coach from the opening line and paragraph. Selecting his words for your indemnification is what a great part of the disagreement is here.

I honestly have not intended to make this personal because that denigrates our words. This is about agreeing or disagreeing with words that you have invited our thoughts on, not about making rumor as proof. All of this is opinion until I see the quote of facts from those fans you allude to and can agree or not agree with whomever has made them. You quoting opinion on here does not make their opinion fact. Richt is just going about doing his job and that's why we pay nim the bucks. He answers only to Damon Evans as to how he does his job,not you nor me. If I thought that he would listen to those of us "who have not been in the arena" he would loose face with many alums who indirectly employ and implore him to be the coach, not the whiny fans trying to act like a coach. And responsibility for his actions goes past Evans on up the line ad nauseum. The ultimate pressure on Richt's job will come from the alumni and we will differ in our opinions, but consensus will prevail. We reply to statements that we think unbalances opinion because it has a public forum that does not reach a consensus base. I have seen posters on here who like you and differ on this word-and-sentence picking used to prove your point (and it seems that many of us dodos still don't get it). I read postings from your friends who are telling you that you are wrong here. Sometimes you should put great value to those postings.

I'm sorry that the great uninvited (I suspect it is BuLLdawg who is a teckie) has joined this blog above. This is beginning to look like an AJC blog when that rant numbnuts joins in. Then again you probably thought that of me before he joined in. Bottom line...Why don't some of you go after the Great Ignorant, Finebaum? He overtly is trying to stir the pot on Richt and the fan base. He must be dying a lonely writer's death. I guess that can happen to anyone.

David Hale said...

OK, Cojones, I'm done arguing with you about it. I've spent a lot of time at journalism school and practicing my craft, and I know how it's supposed to be done. If you don't agree, I can't help you. And Richt is not MY coach. I'm not a UGA fan. I'm not supposed to view his work from that angle. And YES, he changed quite a bit of what he did. He has drastically altered his philosophy on both defense and special teams. Beyond that, I can't help you. I hope you'll find more that you do enjoy reading, but otherwise, you're just going to have to deal here.

Joeski said...

@Anon, May 18, 2010 6:35 AM:

I hope you read this. I hate to waste the time responding, but idiots like you exemplify what is wrong with some college football fans these days.

Please go spew your anonymous bile elsewhere. It is disgusting that you are too great of a coward to post your name next to your opinion. I can't give you credit for doing it because you know how badly flawed your statements are, because I frankly don't think you're that self-aware. I think you're just chickens#i7.

Your stupidity is astonishing: being named a starter doesn't mean much (particularly after spring practice), so unless you can see the future, I'm going to bet that you don't know how many carries each RB is going to get next season. Personally, I'm going to guess that the guy who has more success will get more carries, regardless of who they list on the top of the depth chart. You know, like in the UF game you reference, where King actually only had FIVE touches to make those 19 yards, while Ealey got the ball 17 times, you idiot???

And rather than spending all that time digging up negative statistics (while conveniently ignoring those that don't support your position, like Richt's record against Auburn, against GT, etc. or the 11-2 record in '07 or the 10-3 record in '08, neither of which were with Donnan's recruits, etc etc.), why don't you use that energy to find yourself another team to pull for if you so hate the coaching staff and administration at UGA?

And as you leave, ponder this simple question: what coach could UGA reasonably hire that would guarantee an average of 10 wins for the next 9 seasons (since that's what they would have to do to just match what Richt has done)? Oh, that's right: NO ONE.


David, to answer your question, I don't think Richt is on the hot-seat regardless of record this next season. I believe we'll have somewhere between seven and nine wins, but even if it's worse than that, I think people are going to have to look beyond the record to reasonably judge the success of this year. The key metrics won't be wins and losses, they will be turnover ratio, defensive performance, penalties, and the like. If those things that UGA really struggled with in the recent past are trending in the right direction, you've got to say that the program is as well.

David Hale said...

I would tend to agree with you Joeski. I think the best rationale for making a change would be if donations/ticket sales dwindle dramatically, but even then the buyouts for Richt/Grantham would likely offset any potential economic issues. I think this year is really more about determining whether that seat might get hot in 2011. But I also don't see much need for concern... a lot will ride on the UF game as it always does, but I just can't see Georgia finishing worse than last year.

Anonymous said...

My opinion is this. It actually seems simple to me and quite obvious. CMR is a great recruiter and a average(maybe even good coach). He has won many games based on the talent level at UGA. Florida and Bama, however, have great coaches that are also great recruiters. If NS or UM had the talent last year that UGA had, I believe they would have had a better record than CMR had last year. I am a UGA fan from way back, but I am not blinded by the facts. To me most great college coaches have to be a little "nasty" and CMR seems to be lacking this. This season will tell us a lot more about our coach. Go U Hairy Dawgs!

Anonymous said...

It is junk that UGA fans, alumni, recruits, players and supporters would answer the question that Coach Richt is on the hot seat with a yes.


It is so very far from true that we would vote that he is.

It is clear that we are not at all satisfied.

So much promise the first 5 years.

Now, this second 5 years of the Coach Richt Era has not shaped up well at all.

The biggest stubbornness on Coach Richt's part is not that he waited to make necessary changes, but that he is giving up being head coach, CEO, to take over for the offensive coaching staff.

That and that we have prepared only DJ Shockley as a back-up QB in the entire 10-Year now this season Coach Richt Era. There are those who say that that was only because of a promise Coach Shockley made Coach Richt promise DJ when Coach Richt redshirted DJ 2001.

I applaud your decision to delve into this. Really the issue boils down to 3 wins 8 losses vs Top 10 Final AP Poll teams AND 8 losses vs not ranked in the Top 25 Final AP Poll teams in the Coach Richt Era. That, and like you say the off-field issues demonstrated on field by 4 years in a row averaging # 96 in NCAA Penalties along with 4 years in a row of 21 fumbles a year all last 4 years and 14 interceptions a year all last 4 years too. # 9 in SEC Football graduation rates in the latest NCAA study released for us 2010. 39 arrests / suspensions the last 3 years according to David Hale you refer to above for UGA leads the nation.

And, 38-14 the last 4 years is good for only # 19 in the nation.

No one can deny what you write here.

14-game seasons nowadays and we average 10 wins.

Orson Charles should not have with 23 catches his freshman year not be made starter until the game number 12 because Aron White had 3 catches his freshman year. Knowshon Moreno should not have been redshirted so we only got the best RB here in 30 seasons for only 2 years. Washaun Ealey whom we ripped the redshirt off in the 3rd quarter of the 5th game was the # 11 best Running Back in the Nation. He led the team in rushing and should have had more than 2 starts, and they not even the last 2 games. Branden Smith we threw 2 passes to all season, just as we threw only 2 passes to Marlon Brown. Zach Mettenberger should have played against Okie State, not just Joe Cox with the flu and with his chronic shoulder both. # 1 in the nation and we averaged 14 carries by Knowshon Moreno in the 3 losses of 31 to nothing at half at home to Bama, 42 unanswered at JAX, and 29 unanswered to a lousy Georgia tek team who obviously would not have been ranked had they not beaten us.

9-4 in 2006 no qb prepared
8-5 in 2009 no qb prepared
?-? in 2010 no qb prepared what ? 9-4 ? 10-3 ?

I have as much hope and optimism for my alma mater as anyone, and I am truthful as you here and thank you again for this 1 truthful article on the entire Internet sir.

28 games we scored no more than 2 touchdowns in the Coach Richt Era and we lost 23 of those 28. We only lost 4 games the entire Coach Richt Era when we scored more than 2 touchdowns. It is the offense that is the problem, and Coach Richt has to address that, or he absolutely will be on the hot seat.

Today, no. When the offense continues as it has, or the 1 lone QB is injured, obviously he will be and it will be for him to fire the offensive staff. Not for him to leave. No one wants that.