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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Richt, Fox & Marcellus Wallace

I'm a little light on both time and material this morning, but I'll be heading out to Macon in a few hours for the Bulldog Club meeting there.

In case your interested and in the area, here's the event information:

Walnut Creek Shooting Preserve
271 Stagecoach Road, Macon, Georgia
6:00 pm Social and BBQ Dinner
7:00 pm Program (Mark Richt and Mark Fox)
Contact: Stebin Horne, 478-474-5626

If you can't make the event, however, what burning questions do you have for Mark Richt and Mark Fox you'd like me to pose?


A few quick noteworthy links...

-- The baseball team earned a win yesterday by swinging some hot bats against Georgia State. They'll need to keep that up this weekend against powerful Florida (33-12, 17-7 SEC), which is averaging better than seven runs per game.

-- And Fox may have a little extra to brag about tonight. ESPN's Andy Katz has Georgia ranked No. 25 in his preseason poll, calling Georgia his surprise team. "Georgia will be taken seriously from the outset next season," Katz writes. "Don't sleep on the Dawgs."

-- Kirby Smart further alienates Georgia fans.

-- Music City Miracles interviews former Bulldog (and current Titan) Rennie Curran.

-- And Stuff of Legend offers some thoughts on last night's "Lost," which gave us some big-picture answers and some minor mysteries solved. The absolute highlight of Legend's post: "What is The Source? Source of WHAT? And is it the same thing that is in Marcellus Wallace's briefcase?"

Excellent question. Also, I'm assuming Smokey has a wallet that says "Bad Mother F*****" on it.


Anonymous said...

Smart's comments are horse**it.

Robert K. Burnham said...

Find out why Travis and Trey can't tweet any more

Robert K. Burnham said...

Hell with Kirby Smart

Anonymous said...

Randy Said, What did you expect Kirby to say? He was at a Bammer Alum meeting. Could he say, his heart always yearns for Athens, but...... That would not go over too well I think. We have to consider these remarks with a grain of salt. People are just to sensitive these days..

Ally said...

Robert-i'm not positive but i'm fairly certain Travis & Trey got a little lecture ab tweeting details from Marcus Thornton's recruit trip recently. From what i understand, Coach Fox didn't tell them to stop tweeting, but educated them ab what info they should & should not be airing publicly.

That's what i "heard" so take it with a grain of salt please lol ;)

Anonymous said...

I would not have expected Kirby Smart to say anything different and it does not bother me that much. As a Dawg fan, I was ticked that he used his alma mater to leverage more $ from his present employer. However, Dooley did the same thing in 1980, Donnan did it in the 1990's and I am sure it will happen close to us again.

Now, in the event that CMR leaves of his volition or someone elses in the near future, I do think it will be interesting to see how Damon Evans views Kirby. While there probably will be some groundswell to bring Kirby home, I expect that Damon has much more hand in the relationship and he was none too please with Kirby's antics.

ecdawg said...

Andy Staples noted today that SEC teams control local TV rights and that Florida receives $10 million/year from Fox Sports. How much does UGA get for local rights?

Anonymous said...

Kirby has "Stockholm Syndrome"