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Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday's Loose Ends

Couple loose ends on a Monday morning...

-- I've been absurdly busy, and so I haven't been able to devote the time to a final post that I'd wanted. I'll get to it though, I promise. Expect one or two more posts over the next couple of days.

-- SEC Media Days begins this week, and while I won't be covering it, Fletcher Page will be there and his stories will be posted at and on The Dawg Post.

-- I've yet to have anything to actually Tweet about -- and it's probably a bad idea to start the new job by rubbing it into the faces of Phillies fans that the Cubs just took 3 of 4 -- but if you'd like to follow my new Twitter account, you can find it HERE.

-- I'll have lots more info on the future of the Bulldogs Blog in the next week or so, but what you'll need to know in the short term: There will be a new writer, but the blog address and the Twitter feed are staying the same. So no need to change bookmarks.

-- And finally, if you're planning on heading out to the Georgia-Colorado game in September, tickets for the Colorado Dawgs' Fan Tailgate Party go on sale today. You can purchase them directly HERE or find out more information HERE. I'm just bummed I won't be there.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to see you go, Dave. If your old boss reads this blog, tell him to hire Fletcher as the head writer.

Anonymous said...

David, although I've posted many hateful and vitriolic comments on your blog, I do so out of a deep and abiding love for you. I intend to stalk you all the way to Delaware and express my erotic feelings toward you on your new beat, as it were. Please, be mine, so that all of my pathetic attention-getting efforts will not go to waste. Your new bride cannot love you nearly as profoundly as I do, and she may as well give up now rather than going through the excrutiating process of having you leave you for me.

Your devoted fan, follower, and lover,


Stuart said...

Pop quiz: If you get thrown out stretching a single into a double does it add to or subtract from your OBP?

Anonymous said...

I still do not see where Branden Smith has been suspended for buying the alcohol for all 7 in the truck owned by and provided to the 7 by Tavarres King.

And, I also still do not see where Vance Cuff has been suspended by Coach Richt either, he who provided his valid over 21 years old driver's license to the 7 - all 7 of which were arrested or had their driver's license suspended on the spot.

Furthermore, this 1-game only suspension of Tavarres King is way to forgiving in addition.

I don't folllow Phillies baseball, neither does any 1 else - least of all in Delaware.

Try writing something yourself about UGA Bulldogs football or even UGA sports.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:15 I have always wondered what was meant by the expression - "The best part of you ran down your mama's leg" - now I know.