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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Adams Statement on Evans Arrest

Here's the full statement from Michael Adams regarding the Damon Evans arrest. I'll have a full post on Evans' statements shortly.

"UGA Athletic Director Damon Evans informed me early this morning of his arrest and provided me an account of the events of last night. Drinking and driving is a serious mater, and I was extremely disappointed to hear of his arrest. Certainly this is not an example of the kind of leadership that I expect our senior administrators to set. I have high regard for Damon personally; I care deeply about him and his family and know him to be a man of integrity. He has sincerely apologized to me for the embarrassment this has brought upon the university. I was notified of this matter while away on vacation and will reserve further action pending a full review by staff and legal counsel."


UGA69Dawg said...

What do you think of his chances of surviving? Either being fired or set on fire by his wife.

Anonymous said...

Cannot believe he is staying and did not offer his resignation. What a shrewd power play: "I'm not resigning, you're going to have to fire me."

Anonymous said...

"i care about him of integrity...he has sincerely apologized"

sounds like adams would like to keep him...

Ozam said...

Irrespective of Damon's job performance, the appropriate course of action here is clear.

UGA has no tolerance for underage drinking and the consequences of getting caught are severe. To give him a pass sends the WRONG message to everyone.

No doubt this a sad and unfortunate situation, but Damon has no one to blame but himself.

The fact he commented that he did not even consider resigning demonstrates he is more concerned about himself than the institution he represents.

80DAWG said...

He has to go. I will pray for him and his family, but he cannot lead young people after this action. He should resign.

Anonymous said...

UGA has a policy for underage drinking, and he was not underage so that policy means nothing here.

If a student or student athlete is not underage drinking, but legally drinking and then gets arrested for a DUI, what is the usual punishment for them? This is the real significance. Do the athletes normally sign a no drinking policy, or anything that stipulates punishment?

Evans needs to be compared to something that is similar, not an athlete or somebody else under different agreements and rules.

IF he is fired, it should be because of not wanting him or because of the chick that he was not married to, and even then I don't think that he should be fired for "strange" on the side.

If you want him to go because of embarrassment, that is fine as well. Or say he is held to a higher standard. Tying this to underage drinking makes no sense.

Let the big donors decide, they are the ones that pay the bills and have the say when he is hired, so let's just all be honest and leave it up to the people that hold the real power.

I personally think his a$$ is grass once he gets home, his wife is probably mucho embarrassed, and that is the worst thing for a man to do, embarrass your wife by doing something that she knew nothing about and make her look dumb and stupid and insignificant.

Ozam said...


While your points are well taken you miss the big point! Irrespective of the particular alcoholic rules that may or may not be in place, the University has a very low tolerance for alcoholic related issues.

Unfortunately, Damon has lost the privilege of representing UGA (irrespective of what this may or maynot cost).

Lawson Bailey said...

You can not have a person in a leadership role have an alcohol related arrest and not fire that person when the alcohol related issues are the problem they have been at UGA.
Yes it was a mistake, but that mistake has consequences. Evans got behind the wheel. Now he has to lose his job. Maybe then people will understand that no is exempt from bad decisions. The fact that Adams is waiting for advice from legal council shows that he is looking to fire him with cause and no be forced to pay out Damons contract.

Calder said...

Question: Does keeping Evans hurt recruiting?

Anonymous said...

He is a token negro in the Southeastern conference, no way he fires him

Anonymous said...

There are lingering questions:

1) Did he get it?

2) Was she any good?

3) What's her phone number?

Anonymous said...

This event threatens the "mutual admiration society" of Richt, Adams and Evans. Each trying to support the other while the football, basketball and baseball programs are in the dumpster!

ucheedawg said...

Adams knows him to be a man of integrity? Hmmmm.....

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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