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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Anonymous Poster

I've had more lucid conversations with Balinese cab drivers who only know six words of English than what our pal has been posting this week. My apologies to those of you not in need of prescription psychotropic drugs.

Did you know that during the last nine days our anonymous poster has only posted 1,754,963 ridiculous words, but in Wally Butts' nine years from 1940-1949, another anonymous poster managed 1,873,004 and won a consensus "craziest blog commenter" award? LIES!


UGA69Dawg said...

Your might want to set a limit on the number of words in a post. That will make his manifestos less annoying.

Kathleen said...

Let's not use Anonymous to distract us from the real issue here, Hale. You're still not covering the Phillies yet so... the jinx is still on this week.

A bunch of us got together and packed up your house while you were gone.

(kidding! Hope it was a great trip, but really, get out of Athens!)

Anonymous said...

Please comment on the Balinese women, they have to be better looking than Kathleen!

Andy said...

David! You're here to save us from Anon! They all said you wouldn't come, but I never stopped believing. (Weeps)

Anonymous said...

Demon Evans

July 10th, 2010
6:31 am
UGA really sucks. Always has and always will.

LinkReport this comment.Nancy Barnes in Cohutta

July 10th, 2010
8:54 am
Murray won’t last more than 2-3 SEC games before they hand him his head on a platter.

Richt should be on the telephone begging Zach Mettenberger to come back.

Too bad about Da’Rick. The thug would have fit right in at UGA.

LinkReport this comment.Darah

July 10th, 2010
8:57 am
UGA really sucks. Always has and always will.

Truer words were never written.

LinkReport this comment.Upokit

July 10th, 2010
9:32 am
Would someone please address the “sucky” state the UGA football program has gotten in over the last four years?

LinkReport this comment.Danielle

July 10th, 2010
10:31 am
Now that we’re in the off-season, wouldn’t this be the perfect time to take an in-depth look at UGA and have a serioud discussion about the problems at UGA and why the arrest rate of players is the highest in the country? it’s common knowledge that UGA is a party school, but have any football players every actually graduated with a real degree? Jan Kemp exposed the school and the coaches almost three decades ago, but there is no sign that anything has improved. If anything, the arrest rate shows that things are getting more outrageous every year while the clueless Mark Richt has absolutely no control over his players. And then there is the infamous “red panties” incident.

UGA has become a major embarrassment to all Georgians, and we want some answers starting now.

LinkReport this comment.Tereza

July 10th, 2010
3:37 pm
The burning question is whether Warden Mark Richt will have enough players by September to field a team. More of his players get arrested every week.

Any other university would have fired a coach who has so little control over his players.

But at least… Red panties are falling from the sky!

Kathleen said...

Wow, misogynist much?
Hale just totally called you out and instead of arguing your case to HIM you're going to talk about how I look? (or how you imagine I look, who's to say I'm not Balinese?)

At least it's a change up from "Kathleen only posts about fashion and never talks about football".


Don't have the grapes to stand up to men? Just pick on women.

I'm guessing you have some VERY lucky ladies in your life.

JRL said...

Nice job Kathleen - nice job.

Anonymous said...

Oh, check it out it's mr. anonymous, he's like a penis. Only smaller!

Noops Dawg said...

Looks like I should have made more videos to keep anonymous distracted while David is away.

ChicagoDawg said...

Who knew Ted Kaczynski had such an unusual interest in UGA football. When he wasn't writing his Unabomber manifesto, he was breaking down game film and trying to deconstruct the Veer offense. I guess endless hours/days/weeks spent in remote Montana cabins and Super Max Federal Prisons will cause a man to expand his horizons and areas of thought. He is truly a renaissance man/polymath...physics, mail bomb construction, enviro-anarchist political views, incoherent prose and UGA football. That is quite a combination.

Anonymous said...


Do you "L-Word Much"?

Anonymous said...


Do you "L-Word Much"?

Anonymous said...

I have not posted 1 single post to this blog here. None. Kathleen, you are having a fit about posts here on this blog today with which you do not agree, with a person who wrote these posts here on this blog; and it is not I. But, it is interesting Kathleen that half your posts are as Anonymous. None of them, still, about football.

The Georgia Sports Report said...

Anonymous said...