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Monday, July 18, 2011

Analysis: Richt's recruiting, and what it means for his future

Here's my piece following up Georgia's big recruiting haul from last Friday night, and tying it to the much-discussed future of head coach Mark Richt.

An excerpt:
This much, however, should be clear: All those players who have yet to even enroll at Georgia may end up helping save Mark Richt’s job.

When Richt walks to the podium Thursday at the Wynfrey Hotel, the Georgia head football coach will know what awaits. There may be a thousand credentialed media members at the SEC Media Days, and a lot of them will be thinking of nice ways to ask the hard-hitting question: Is he on the hot seat?

The short answer is yes. But anyone looking at a certain number of wins Richt needs to get this year is being too simplistic. And the events of Friday night, when five players committed within 10 minutes to Georgia, are part of the reason why.

Again, you can read the full piece here. And you can criticize me below.


meansonny said...

no criticism.

i agree.

Bulldawg said...

Good story Seth.

Tommy said...

Richt has a lot more juice with the people that matter (Adams, McGarity, major donors, high school coaches and key recruits) than anyone carrying the hot seat flag seems to understand.

I'm not making a point about whether he should or shouldn't be fired, or what results it would take to get him fired. I'm just noting that the ground he stands on is quite solid. Agree with the approach or not, this is a far more patient program than a couple west of the Chattahoochee.

BulldogBen said...

I agree with your article to a degree but what if on signing day 5 of 8 four or five star in state recruits go elsewhere? Also, since when do we really put stock into players who won't even set foot on campus for 2 YEARS?

I just feel that while I think it's great UGA had a big night recruiting last Friday, it means little to nothing in terms of future results at this point. It means yes, UGA still has some pull and kids will always want to go there. That's why the SEC is so great.

All that said, it's still all about the results. The East is totally up for grabs and we don't play Alabama, LSU, or Arkansas. If we only win 7 this year the perception of this program will change and not in a good way.

I feel Adams and McGarity will also weigh those things in.

This is the most important season in Richt's career and that storyline will be there all year.