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Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Links (5/31)

Happy Memorial Day, folks. I hope most of you are wrapping up a relaxing weekend with one last day at the beach or a few burgers and brews in the backyard. I'm getting ready to head to Destin, Fla. where I'll be covering the SEC league meetings this week. If you're not already following me on Twitter -- why the heck not? I'll be posting updates from Destin throughout the week there and on the blog. I'll also have Part 2 of our mailbag and a whole bunch of other content this week, so if you'd been slacking on reading as much as I'd been slacking on writing, here's your chance to get back on board.

In the meantime, a quick warm-up act...

-- Georgia's Chelsey Gullickson reached the NCAA tennis singles final this weekend and erased a handful of bad memories along the way.

-- Golfer Russell Henley will be representing Georgia at the NCAA championships in Tennessee this week.

-- The Senator breaks down Phil Steele's breakdown of Georgia with a few interesting tidbits. For all the Mike Bobo bashers -- aside from the higher INTs and lower rushing yards, Joe Cox's numbers were virtually identical to D.J. Shockley's in 2005. Interesting.

-- Tim Tucker took notice when Steele told ESPN that he thought Georgia "could run the table" in 2010. Here's my prediction: We're going to go from the Mark Richt hot-seat talk angering fans, to a hefty contingent now trying to temper expectations as more and more folks (justifiably) see a lot of upside on this year's team.

-- Chris Low takes a quick look at how recruiting is going around the SEC and finds Georgia with the third-most total commitments and the second-most from ESPN's 150 watch list. (And aside from UGA, Mississippi State's Dan Mullen deserves some credit for getting the start of a solid class.)

-- In the Sporting News' top 100 recruits for 2011, Christian LeMay gets a pretty impressive position.

-- Good note from Marc Weiszer for all those fans who cringed each time Jeff Owens tweeted about heading to Waffle House for dinner -- Georgia has hired a full-time nutritionist for this season.

-- Macon Dawg offers a whole bunch of speculation on the 2010 season which is a fun read even if it is all just speculation.

-- It doesn't cover a lot of new ground if you've been following Rennie Curran's story since he arrived at Georgia, but Scout has a great feature on the life of the newest Tennessee Titan.

-- ESPN's ombudsman doesn't ever seem able to make any significant changes at the network, but he certainly manages to illustrate the problems well. In his most recent piece, he tackles the use of anonymous sources in stories, a particularly delicate subject in the journalism community for obvious reasons.

-- There are only six sentences in this story, and yet there are like 20 funny things about it. I'm not sure if my favorite part is that the law firm is in Delaware or if it's the final sentence of the story: "Attempts to contact Lovitz were unsuccessful."

-- You know, it takes a lot to out D-bag those local TV news guys who try to ambush people for stories, but this video makes the TV guy look like a saint comparatively.

-- Here's a shocking twist from "Lost": Did you know Sayid was dating Barbara Hershey in real life? WTF?!?

-- Here's a nice piece from Movieline for all of you guys who were dragged to see "Sex and the City 2" this weekend -- it's the most scathing lines from the many, many, many scathing reviews of the film.

-- And finally, I want to take a second to say thanks to all of our readers who have served or are serving in the military on this Memorial Day.

For everyone else, I've linked to this story before, but it's been a while, so I'm doing it again. Please do yourselves a favor and take some time out of your day today to read it if you can. If you didn't already, you'll have a far, far greater appreciation for the immense sacrifice our men and women in uniform make to protect our freedom.


jlove said...

like steele, but back in March of this year i also said we have a very good chance of going undefeated in the regular season. "running the table". i really like our chances, theres only a few that we could stumble on.

Trevor said...

Thought it might deserve mention that the UGA bass fishing team of Ben Cleary and Bo Page just won the national championship. I know you had a link for their super regional win, so I thought this deserved mention. Here's a story on it:

brad said...

Sayiieeeeddd! Barbara Hershey? Eh?

Anonymous said...

"For all the Mike Bobo bashers -- aside from the higher INTs and lower rushing yards, Joe Cox's numbers were virtually identical to D.J. Shockley's in 2005. Interesting."

But David, only the yardage, %, and TDs were similar. One of the other sources noted that UGA's INT total was their most in 25 years, while DJ protected the ball and ran with it, too. Not too identical, methinks.

LADawg said...

David...I think it should be said that anyone who thinks Bobo should be run out of town, should automatically be assigned a seat on the short bus. Sure, at times play calls have frustrated fans, but game after game, we have scored loads of points and gotten W's. Last year was the culmination of a pourous defense fully exposed.

Richt made changes and I think we shall see an improved product on the field this fall. We as fans are often too blinded by our passion to objectively look at the situation. If you look at the data, Bobo is a class coach. He will continue to grow in his role and in a few years he will get his chance to take the reigns of his own program.

Finally, as a note to our irrational friends who were calling for Richt's head and now are saying after steele's comments on Friday, "me too..I agree...we are going be national champions..we will run the table..." We have a seat on the short bus for you too! This program could surprise some people this fall, but Steele's comments are nothing more than opinion. The games still have to be played and his record on college football at best is .500. This team and coaching staff will be ready to play, but as loyal and ardent fans, I think we should all take a step back and reflect on where the program is, what they are trying to accomplish, and enjoy each Sat., because you never know what will happen.

See you in Colorado.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who wants to put money on the table regarding us running the table please let me know. I love my Dawgs but we will not go undefeated this year...2 losses at least. (FL and the Tiger Eagles).

Anonymous said...

"Joe Cox's numbers were virtually identical to D.J. Shockley's in 2005"-except the number that matters most. I believe D.J. has SEC Championship ring my friend. Their numbers are no where near identical in my mind!

Anonymous said...

"Joe Cox's numbers were virtually identical to D.J. Shockley's in 2005." My friend D.J. Shockley has one important number Joe Cox can only dream about...a SEC ring! Throw those numbers in the garbage.

pcsjax1 said...

In the G-Day game, Murray looked a lot like Joe Cox. The Dawg Nation is concerned about an offense that will go five series with no score like in the Texas A&M game.

Anonymous said...

I will gladly ride on the short bus as long as the dummy Mike Bobo is not driving. It amazes me how blindly UGA suckers defend that incompetent fool. In the land of the blind.......

Anonymous said...

Kathleen said...

"Anonymous"...SOME organizations calculuate win percentages including a tie as half a win. Some don't. There's no point in insulting people who disagree with organizations that count a tie as half a win It's not universal, it's not an Eleventh Commandment, it's a methodology."

Well, 3 days later and 3 requests for Kathleen to provide these Many Organizations who calculate Vince Dooley or Wally Butts Winning Percentages other than what I presented, and we have


That what Coach Richt has done in his 9 year stint is better than what Vince Dooley did from 1980 to 1988 or what Wally Butts did from 1940 to 1948 in WINNING PERCENTAGE.

Big bag of wind, with turgid comments that I should be removed because my posts are not factual. When asked for 1 source for her only statement ever on these facts, she is totally unable to come up with one, even.

Winning percentage is only calculated 1 way with regard to the 27 losses by Coach Richt in his 9 years 2001-2009 compared to the only 21 losses by Wally Butts 1940-1948 and compared to the only 21 losses by Vince Dooley 1980-1988.

It is QUITE OBVIOUS that what Coach Richt has done in his 9 years does NOT MEASURE up to 40-48 nor 80-88, not in winning percentages.

Not in about 15 other measures of a football team, either.

So, I guess that means I have shut her up on the point.

.787 Win% 83-21-4 Vince Dooley 1980-88*

.770 Win% 74-21-3 Wally Butts 1940-48*

.769 Win% 90-27 Coach Richt 2001-09**

BOTH Vince Dooley and Wally Butts WON CONSENSUS NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS during these BETTER STRETCHES than Coach Richt.

Vince Dooley and Wally Butts by various organizations have Won MULTIPLE National Championships, while Coach Richt has been credited with -0- National Championships. The reason for this is that although Coach Richt has played more games he has LOST a larger percentage. You are not going to LOSE MORE of your games and be considered better by ANYONE, no organization. Please provide REFERENCES for these statements Kathleen. It is UNIVERSAL. You cannot provide these organizations you have MADE UP in your mind Kathleen.


LOST 19 % of his games Vince Dooley 1980-99

LOST 21 % of his games Wally Butts 1940-48

LOST 23 % of his games Coach Richt 2001-09

Anonymous said...

I am confused please. I have every Phil Steele's College Football Preview, every year of the Coach Richt Era. Phil Steele RANKS UGA # 19 in the nation.

The same as we have been the last previous 4 years at 38-14 # 19 in the nation in winning percentage.

# 19.

Health Issues of our Starting Tailback Caleb King all 4 years on our campus, Health Issues on the OL all 4 years they have been here, Health Issues at Wide Receiver especially AJ Green every year he has been here, Health Issues for our freshman Quarterback Aaron Murray both of his last 2 years, and because 1 poster states that we have "SCORED LOADS OF POINTS" and because David Hale writes that the numbers are similar with DJ Shockley 10-2 as our Starting QB 2005 to our Starting QB last year Joe Cox 8-5 as our Starting QB, all we have to do is to ignore the fact that DJ Shockley never turned the football over while Joe Cox's team last year is the same as the previous 4 years for UGA averaging 14 interceptions all last 4 years and averaging 21 fumbles all last 4 years.


Good Lord, get a damn grip.

We also have averaged # 96 in Penalties.

Coach Richt has put a product on the field in his 9 years that has had not the 21 losses of 40-48 or the 21 losses of 80-88 for us, but 27 losses, and a product offensively that has FAILED TO SCORE TOUCHDOWNS.

DJ Shockley holds the record at UGA for the Most Touchdowns Scored by a Quarterback ever both passing and running. DJ Shockley holds the All-Time Career Record at UGA for Passing Efficiency Rating in a Career 142.86, higher than David Greene whose claim to fame was his Passing Efficiency Rating, and higher than Mike Bobo.

As for the loads of points UGA scores, we have not been in the Top 25 in the nation ever in the Coach Richt Era at Scoring except for 2002 when we settled for Billy Bennett Field Goals, setting the NCAA record for settling for field goals that year and for his career.

Phil Steele ranks UGA # 19 this season, NOT National Champions DISNEYDAWGS.COM. Please go ahead and put up your record for us at the end of this season, now. I say 10-3 or 9-4. What say you ?

I am absolutely certain what will happen with our offense AGAIN this year, as EVERY YEAR the last 4 in a row. We will throw interceptions, we will fumble the football, we will be unable to line up for a play and run the play without penalty, and we will FAIL to SCORE Touchdowns on Offense.

2008 Knowshon got only 14 rushes against Florida in his second and last season for us to see him run. The final score was 10-49. Nice.

2009 well let’s not even go there 17-41 Florida.

2001 we scored only 10 points on Florida.

2002 we scored only 13 points on Florida.

2003 we scored only 13 points on Florida again.

2005 we scored only 10 points on Florida again.

2006 we scored only 14 points on Florida again.

Coach Richt beat Florida in 2004 finally in David Greene’s senior year by having David Greene throw the fewest passes he threw against Florida any year as UGA put up 31 points on Florida. But we still lost to the Tennessee vols with UGA scoring only 14 points and we still lost to Auburn with UGA scoring only 6 points.

Anonymous said...

Coach Richt beat Florida in 2007 in Knowshon Moreno’s first of only 2 years here playing when Knowshon had 33 rushes as we scored 42 points against Florida with Knowshon rushing for 3 TD and 188 yards. We lost that same year 2007 to the Tennessee vols with UGA scoring only 14 points on the vols when Knowshon was given only 13 rushes, and we lost to South Carolina the same year too with UGA scoring only 6 points when Knowshon was given only 14 rushes again.

Last 4 years :

48 wins Florida
40 wins LSU
39 wins Alabama
38 wins Georgia Bulldogs

In the last 4 years, 14 losses by Coach Richt.

9 points 2001 vs South Carolina
10 points 2001 vs Florida
17 points 2001 vs Auburn
16 points 2001 vs Boston College
13 points 2002 vs South Carolina
18 points 2002 vs Tennessee
13 points 2002 vs FL 0-13 3rd down
10 points 2003 vs LSU
16 points 2003 vs UAB
13 points 2003 vs Florida
13 points 2003 vs LSU
20 points 2004 vs South Carolina
13 points 2004 vs Marshall
14 points 2004 vs Tennessee
20 points 2004 vs Arkansas
6 points 2004 vs Auburn
19 points 2004 vs Georgia tek
17 points 2005 vs South Carolina
10 points 2005 vs Florida
14 points 2005 vs Georgia tek
18 points 2006 vs South Carolina
14 points 2006 vs Colorado
14 points 2006 vs Ole Miss
14 points 2006 vs Florida
20 points 2006 vs Kentucky
15 points 2006 vs Georgia tek
12 points 2007 vs South Carolina
14 points 2007 vs Tennessee
20 points 2007 vs Vandie
14 points 2008 vs South Carolina
10 points 2008 vs Florida
17 points 2008 vs Auburn
10 points 2009 vs Okie State
20 points 2009 vs Arizona State
13 points 2009 vs LSU
19 points 2009 vs Tennessee
17 points 2009 vs Florida

38 games we FAILED to score more than 2 Touchdowns and we LOST 27.

The problem is we do NOT score Touchdowns on Offense, quite obviously.

We average # 52 for the 9 years of the Coach Richt Era in NCAA Total Offense.

The problem is on Offense, not scoring Touchdowns, Fumbling, Throwing Interceptions, and not being able to even line up and run the play like we know what we are doing.

We need to have a DRINKING CONTEST for EACH and EVERY post by here saying how great we WILL BE, despite the fact that we have NOT BEEN, are NOT without a QB prepared yet again, and will not be after this season either with 14 seniors and 4 juniors all leaving after this season – all starters.

Please QUIT cease and desist with the LIES. This lie that we are # 19 according to Phil Steele for 2010. This lie that we SCORE A TON OF POINTS on OFFENSE. I Call your LIES out. I provide the URL Links to the contrary to your LIES, facts. You LIE even in your replies with LIES that my provided documentation is incorrect, staring at it and the 27 losses 2001-2009 compared to the 21 losses 1940-48 and to the 21 losses 1980-88.

Anonymous said...


Still waiting for the LIST OF ORGANIZATIONS who calculate won / lost record for Vince Dooley 1980 to 1988, Wally Butts 1940 to 1948 and Coach Richt 2001 to 2009, showing that Coach Richt has a higher Winning Percentage 2001 to 2009 than we had in 1980 to 1988 and 1940 to 1948.

"SOME organizations calculuate win percentages including a tie as half a win. Some don't. There's no point in insulting people who disagree with organizations that count a tie as half a win It's not universal," Kathleen LIES.

Yes, it is UNIVERSAL Kathleen, liar. Provide us this list of organizations you make up in your lies ?

Go ahead.

We all know.

There aren't any.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Anon at 4:16 for refuting a huge myth.

Billy D said...

That hospital guy video is hilarious... Why did that guy keep putting his hand on the reporter... hahahah. What a freak.