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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Q&A: Branden Smith

MEMPHIS - Branden Smith is one of the Georgia football team's most dynamic talents, thanks to his speed. The Atlanta native has been a starter at cornerback, is the Bulldogs' main punt returner and has also seen time on offense.

But his sophomore season is incomplete, thanks to a pair of concussions he suffered in the middle of the season. Smith talked about that, and his sense that this was a lot season, as well as his openness to moving to offense - possibly even on a permanent basis.

SE: So how is Memphis so far?

Good. I got a chance to walk around a little bit and see some things. The downtown, basically.

SE: How do you evaluate your season?

For myself? Not so good, because I sat out a lot of games because of the concussion. I came back all right, but I missed a lot of games, so I don’t really count this season, really, for me. Hopefully next season will be better.

SE: How scary were the concussions?

They were scary. You know, two concussions in less than two weeks, that’s pretty scary.

SE: Obviously concussions have become such a big issue, in the pros and the country overall. What was it like having them in the middle of all that?

It was scary, like I said. It was my first two concussions really, and I didn’t really know anything about concussions because I’d never had one. But you’ve just gotta let it through. It’s a contact sport, and things are gonna happen like that.

SE: Did it make you evaluate anything: How you play, how long you want to play football, that kind of thing?

Yeah, yeah. They asked me how long I want to play football. They asked me if I had another concussion would I tell them. And they were teaching me the proper way to hit.

SE: I know when Bacarri Rambo had his injury last year, it took him awhile to get back to playing like he had before. What about you?

I’m still the same. Playing the same. I still have my speed and everything else. So I’m the same.

SE: So what about your future in terms of positions. Is there a part of you that would like to play more offense?

(Laughs) Yeah. Who wouldn’t? Who wouldn’t like to touch the ball and things like that? But if coach Richt wants me to play offense, and it’ll help the team, I’m gonna go. I’m all about helping the team win. I’m a team player, so it really doesn’t matter what position I go play.

SE: Would you go over to offense full-time, or do you think you’re a full-time defensive player who would play some on offense?

If he wants me to go full-time, I’ll go full-time. If he doesn’t, I’m here to help the team win.

SE: Would you be a receiver?

I guess so.

SE: Is it something you’re really interested in?

I don’t mind playing receiver. That’s something I did in high school, so I wouldn’t mind playing receiver if it would help the team win.


Anonymous said...

the guy is the equivalent of a nerf football as a DB. any time GT wanted a first down, they'd run the sweep to his side and the blockers would knock him into the hedges. i hope he moves to offense. only if his concussions have made him forget how to fumble

UGA coaches wear blindfolds said...

This is another example of our coaching staff taking a player with great talent and turning him into an average player. Brandon is not physical enough to play defense. The guy gets blocked all over the field and misses numerous tackles. Anon. at 12:11pm was right on about Georgia Tech attacking Brandon all night until he was benched.

One need only look at Brandon's performance vs. the cocks last year to see the guy should be playing offense. My guess is that Brandon will finally be moved to offense full time during his senior year at the bowl game and combine for 200 plus all purpose yards.

In other news look for Carlton Thomas to run right up the middle on 2 and 12 into an 8 man front vs. UCF.

Anonymous said...

Georgia needs a receiver who can stretch the field after Green leaves and Smith looks the most likely canidate.