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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Smith uncertain, "Bean" Anderson doubtful

Branden Smith’s status for the Arkansas game is uncertain because of what head coach Mark Richt called “concussion-like symptoms.”

“He actually got knocked out of bounds in yesterday’s practice, and had a contact-related headache. I’m not even sure his status, to be honest with you.”

Sanders Commings and Jordan Love would move into contention for playing time at the nickel back position.

Carlton Thomas and Logan Gray would be the top candidates to handle punt return duties if Smith can’t go.

He might also be missed on offense, where offensive coordinator Mike Bobo has indicated he’d like to use Smith more.

Meanwhile, nose tackle Justin Anderson is doubtful after re-aggravating a turf toe injury. Richt said that wasn’t the reason Anderson didn’t play in the South Carolina.

The news was better on inside linebacker Christian Robinson, a starter, who Richt said should play despite a knee contusion. Robinson has been in a green non-contact jersey.

- This week of practice has been more physical

“It got ramped up a bit more,” Richt said. “I mean our practices have been good, but apparently not good enough.”

Richt specifically meant tackling, where they’ve let players go a bit further in their technique this week. Normally they have defenders pull up before taking their guy to the ground, so as to avoid injuries or wear and tear on players.

- Freshman linebacker Demetre Baker has had some good practices. Freshman receiver Michael Bennett also remains in the practice rotation.

But each player is still likely to redshirt, unless they’re needed.

- The requisite A.J. Green update. (Richt gave a brief opening statement about practice, then asked what we’d want to know, before answering himself, “A.J.”

“I heard that on Friday that they’ll hear his appeal,” Richt said. “I’m not even sure who’s involved in that.”

Asked if he’d heard if they would get a ruling, Richt answered: “I can only hope that.”

Green is practicing, so Richt said they would be able to use him if he were declared eligible.

“It’s not as big of an issue this week because we basically prepared as if he wasn’t gonna be in the game. For the other two we were really hopeful but weren’t really sure what was gonna happen till late in the week, both of those weeks.”


diving duck said...

Well, the fans clamored for more physical practices. We'll eat the cake.

DawgfaninTN said...

I really wanted to see Justin's extra size plug that middle in the 3-4 better.....

Anonymous said...

Kathleen said...

"I do think Georgia will beat EVERY SEC EAST team they play this year."

July 13, 2010 7:21 AM

darb said...

Well Anon 5:59 am, looks like Kathleen was wrong. Do you feel better?
We need Bean to play.

jferg said...

To be honest, I'm "glad" Bean is hurt...only because Kwame is our future at Nose and now he WILL play versus "maybe" playing if Bean were healthy. I'm pumped to see this guy get game experience.

Randy said...

Hope we can run the ball and keep Mallet off the field. But, if not, we will get what Murray has in a shoot out.

Anonymous said...

Logan Gray- Punt Returner?

Wake me up next August.