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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Richt wants to "look within," Bobo accepts blame

After an unprecedented (for him) third straight loss, Mark Richt said it was time for he and the Georgia football team to “look within.”

Richt said that being 0-3 in the league (and 1-3 overall) was something he’d never experienced as a coach or a player.

“We’ve just gotta make sure that everything we’re doing is the right thing to do, and that we’re doing it well,” Richt said. “I just gotta make sure that … That’s just part of my job as a head coach, and I’m responsible for everything that happens. I’ve gotta make sure that every part of our football program starts to do the things that we need to do to win.”

What immediate changes might that mean?

“I’m not gonna say anything right now, because I’m not sure,” Richt said. “I need time to watch and reflect.”

Richt’s much-maligned offensive coordinator, Mike Bobo, looked inward.

“Didn’t do a good job of getting us ready to play. Didn’t do a good job of executing and that falls on me as a coach,” Bobo said. “Moved the fall well but didn’t finish. And you can’t finish, you can’t win in this league. And that’s about how we’ve been in three games in this league, basically.”

Georgia’s offense had the ball inside the Mississippi State 20 on three occasions in the first half, but only got six points out of it.

“I didn’t think they slowed us down in the first half at all,” Bobo said. “And to only get six points was disappointing. You can’t have turnovers and you can’t have penalties, and that’s coaching. That’s our fault.”

Defensive coordinator Todd Grantham was a bit more upbeat, to a point.

“We’ve gotta go out there and stop them, that’s our job,” Grantham said. “I was proud of the effort the guys had. I thought they did a good job on the sideline with some adjustments we made after the first series. I thought we kept playing. And then we had a chance to stop them in the fourth quarter and get the ball back, and we didn’t do a good job.”


Lawson Bailey said...

Richt has no clue what to do. He looked frustrated on the sideline. The pressure may be getting to him. Will he be loyal to a fault or make hard decisions?

Anonymous said...

When you have a clueless offensive coordinator that calls a game that Stevie Wonder could see what you're going to run, then it's time to re-assess things. 6 freakin points?? Against Miss. State?? I'm ready to move on and find someone else who can bring this program to the Florida and Alabama level. Unreal.

Willb said...

Granthams d isn't looking that bad. It's just bobos terrible offense is making it look worse than it is. Sure it's not great but we expected some of this with it being the first year. Our d just can't stop anyone when we have to and the coverage breakdowns sometimes make me sick. Still I see improvement over last year. If our offense had only played as well as it did last year we would be 4-0!

But richt has to do something after this week or risk losing his supporters. I assume he will take over play calling. If he doesn't at least do that many of his supporters might start calling for his job. I still don't think it's fair but it will happen. I just don't think richt has forgotten how to coach after ten years.

Also everyone wanting tcu or boises coach, remember last year when every d coordinator turned ga down? I see the same thing for the head coach job. We view it as something greater that others do. Maybe we are lucky to have someone like richt. Just need much better coordinators.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully hell take over play calling for the time being and hire a new offensive cord. when we find a good one... we have talent and we can win... but a loss to miss st is embarrassing

Unknown said...

I am shocked at this loss. I am not sure if the coaching is not there or maybe the players just aren't as talented. Our program has slipped considerably. Most disheartening is we are not even in these games. The score doesnt show it but, we are getting worked everytime.

BullyMack said...

Grantham: "We thought we kept playing." Really? I thought they ran us off the field. The batteries in my 3-d glasses must died.

This program has hit a new low and I don't honestly see a way out with these coaches and these players.

Lawson Bailey said...

The problem is NOT playcalling. We were all happy when Richt gave up calling plays. The problem is talent. We dont have elite talent. THere are not playmakers on offense or defense, but the biggest lack of talent is our coaches. When other school are not trying to hire away your coordinators or position coaches that speaks VOLUMES on what the state of the program is. Mark Richt doesnt seem to be able to identify talent.

Michael said...

The problem is NOT talent.

I was NOT happy when playcalling was offloaded to Bobo.

The problem is coaching.

Van Halager is not doing a good job at S&C, and we get pushed around everywhere.

Bobo is not teaching in practice.

Bobo is super predictable.

It is that simple.

Michael said...

One more thing: we clearly have the talent since they get drafted and go on to do well in the NFL.

Anonymous said...

It is a waste of time to continue allowing Bobo call the plays. I want to see how Richt can do. Though if we could actually run the ball...

Anonymous said...

Not only is Bobo a bad play caller but he also is too political it making a depth chart... time for him to get outed...

Unknown said...

There is a lot of talk about the "talent" and how bad the coaches are screwing it up but, we have an NFL defensive coach for the first 4 games and no one on defense looks like an NFL player to me. Maybe we have a bunch of late bloomers...

Anonymous said...

Do I WANT Richt to take over playcalling NO... but is it the lesser of two evils YES...

Its what is needed for now but he needs to make it clear... The University of Georgia will have a new oc come next season...

As a guy who has a little brother in high school football I am going to have to do what I can to get him to NOT play for the dogs unless I see a change at oc and I think there are many others who feel the same way after talking to ppl in similar positions... This is not a grudge thing, or a I dont like him thing, its a who is best for these kids... I dont think these kids are in the best hands with Bobo and I dont think you can disagree...

and to those that say we dont have the talent... really??? I dont even think its a valid argument... I do think that we sit some of our talent bc Bobo doesnt know how to pick it out (did it when we had two first rounders and again with the TE's and RB's this year) I hope ppl realize that Bobo is a reason that kids who want to play for Richt are not coming to GA

Ozam said...

I guess I now know how TN fans felt in Fulmer's final seasons...

After actively participating in the BB for the last two years I am at at loss for words.....

What would DH say?

Scott said...

Ozam said... "What would DH say?"

No... what would Erk Russell say?!

Anonymous said...

This week a woman at a town hall meeting told the President she was "tired of defending him."

That's how I feel about CMR now. I keep holding out for "hope" even after he made the "change" this offseason. But more and more, it looks like he isn't going to be able to deliver.

While other teams in the SEC got better the past 5 years (UF, Auburn, Arky, Alabama, Miss State, Kentucky), we stood pat. We kept our bend-but-don't-break defense and our "pro style" offense.

We have not innovated our schemes and the SEC has passed us by.

this is crap said...

Bobo and Garner need to go. Bobo calls a decent game but does not have the offense ready to play. Our offensive line has no push or fire. The defense is flat and has no killer instinct. Pushing and shoving and celebrating is not fire, beating your man and making great plays due to desire and determination is fire. Clearly we have none.
I also believe we do a decent recruiting job, but we let to many play makers get away. We do not have but one game breaker and he won't play til next week. Washaun is to slow, King always hurt, Thomas to small. If we have some talented freshman waiting to play, get them some experience so we don't go 0-3 in the SEC next year!

Anonymous said...

We have problems but they are not as bad as many of you think. SC & Ark showed how good they are today. Miss St. is far better than you think. Mullen has loaded up on JUCO players and has them playing with fire.

Do we need changes - absolutely and sooner rather than later. We need a new offensive scheme to take advantage of our play makers. We need some different players to run our new 3 - 4.

We have had top 10 recruiting classes almost every year in the last 5 - WTF has happened to them.

CSA said...

Great to see that Bobo is accepting the blame rather than throwing his redshirt freshman quarterback under the bus. That won't change the fact that every last Bobo supporter has turned against you. Better start working on that resume now.

And if Mark Richt has no idea what specific things need to be done, then perhaps we need to find somebody who has a clue. He is a great man in his personal life, but I am afraid to say that perhaps he just can no longer get it done on the football field. Doesn't seem like he can finish the drill. Never thought I would say that.

Michael said...

@Anon: SCU and Ark showed how good they are by losing?

Also, look at Lattimore's stats since his 183 yard outing against us.

97 yrds vs FURMAN and 33 yards today (2.4 avg).

Is he still some uber back?

"Miss St. is far better than you think. Mullen has loaded up on JUCO players "

Seriously? That makes it WORSE.

Its ok that JUCO players owned us?

Anonymous said...

After 2005, this is where this football program is :

52-04 Boise State Chris Petersen whole time
52-07 Florida Urban Meyer whole time
48-08 Ohio State Jim Tressel whole time
48-09 Texas Mack Brown whole time
47-09 Southern California Lane Kiffin replaces Pete Carroll who bolted
46-10 TCU Gary Patterson whole time
46-13 Oklahoma Bob Stoops whole time
44-12 BYU Bronco Mendenhall whole time
44-12 Utah Kyle Whittingham whole time replaced Urban Meyer
44-13 LSU Les Miles whole time after Nick Saban AL AL vacated 21 wins
43-13 West Virginia Bill Stewart replaced Rich Rodriguez Michigan
43-13 Penn State Joe Paterno whole time
43-15 Virginia Tech Frank Beamer whole time
42-15 Cincinnati Butch Jones replaces Brian Kelly who bolted
40-17 Boston College Tom O’Brien NC St Jeff Jagodzinski Frank Spaziani
40-19 C Mich Brian Kelly ND Jeff Quinn Buff Butch Jones Cinci Dan Enos
42-14 Wisconsin Bret Bielema whole time when Barry Alvarez made AD
42-16 Missouri Gary Pinkel whole time
40-16 Oregon Chip Kelly replaced Mike Bellotti now AD
39-16 Texas Tech Mike Leach fired Ruffin McNeill Tommy Tuberville
39-17 Georgia Bulldogs Coach Richt and his sorry butt “coaching staff”

Coach Richt is # 21 after 2005 in wins, recruiting in a state which finds only 3 with more high school players in the NFL and coaching for the # 11 football program in 1-A wins all-time.

This is the 5th year after 2005, for those who think this is 3 games, 2 years, or 3 years.

Year 5 after 2005.

Year 5, second half of the Coach Richt Era when Jim Donnan recruits were gone NFL

I point out that Year 5, second half of the Coach Richt Era when Jim Donnan recruits were gone NFL, that The University of Georgia Bulldogs are # 2 in Fulmer Cup over these 5 years too.

Get it straight that it is not just the last 3 years, and please note that we lose 15 seniors and 4-5 juniors after this season – so 2011 with a far tougher schedule than this, is going to be no different.


Note please that Demetre Baker ARRESTED for DUI at 4:26 a.m. this morning is ARREST # 10 for Coach Richt’s recruits SINCE MARCH 7.

Anonymous said...

People were saying two years ago that it was a mistake to have Willie as the DC and that Fabris special teams were pathetic. People were saying a few years ago that the OC should be the best offensive mind in the game, not just a good guy who played QB in Athens and is a good QB coach. People said a few years ago that the S&C was dated and needed an overhaul. But he didn't listne and this is what we get. Worse than Goff or Donnan's teams.

Anonymous said...

He should've looked within a few years ago.

Anonymous said...

Micheal -

SC is ranked are they not? SC gave Auburn fits did they not?

Ark is ranked are they not? Ark damn near beat the # 1 team in the country did they not?

What is it that you don't understand about JUCO players? They typically have limited ACADEMIC skills NOT ATHLETIC skills. UGA has brought in a few and has one now. Alabama WON the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP using a few. Get a clue.

Mullen brought in some true studs from the JUCO ranks to fill short term needs - they are all likely draft picks. Again GET A CLUE

Willb said...

Anon 8:41 what 4-5 juniors do you see leaving? I have heard this from other people too. Aj green. Then who???? Brandon boykin, Justin Houston?????? I don't see any juniors other than aj green who would be well served to go to the NFL!

Anonymous said...

We've played good teams, but we haven't played them well- at all. Usually, the first drive they score a TD, then we stay behind the rest of the game. 3 SEC games, 12 quarters, we haven't had a lead yet.

We've played some good but not dominant teams. And we haven't even competed with them. At least in the past, it seems we could get a lead, if only momentarily.

Anonymous said...

UF went from 8-4 in 2007 to a Nat' Champion in 1 year. Saban got UA turned around in 2 why cant this team at least rebound like others? since 2007 we have been in steady decline...and what up with the O-line? wasnt this the same line and backs that GASHED tech at the end of the year? They now look horrid. The one i really feel bad for is Murray, who is playing his guts out for a freshman with no help.

Michael said...

ANON: Get a username, jesus. I'm done responding to random morons posting anonymously.

JUCO Players are a gap filler. They are not better than legitimate recruits. So I'm sorry, but your point is still stupid.

Just sayin' said...

To me Garner and Bobo are going after the wrong players. Garner needs to go, our d line does not dominate and our recruits come with alot of stars but no results. Eric Berry, Greg Reid, Storm Johnson, Tailer Jones and now A J Johnson left the state and that is just the ones I came up with off the top of my head.
Searles may not be as bad we think, when he coached at LSU he didn't have Richt and Bobo.
Van Halager must not be what we need either because or 290, 300 pounders get pushed around by other 290,300 pounders.
Do we not really have any true playmakers (other than A.J.)?

Anonymous said...

Good Grief Michael - you are evidently so clueless you failed to read what I posted and then you turn around and validate my point. MULLEN HAS BROUGHT IN GAP FILLERS FROM THE JUCO RANKS TO IMPROVE HIS TEAM - THEY ARE BETTER - BETTER THAN THE "REAL" RECRUITS WE ARE PUTTING ON THE FIELD.

It is pointless arguing with you when you allow your emotions to rule your thought process.

Oh yeah anonymity has NOTHING to do with the validity of a post.

Anonymous said...

Quit whining about being beat by mississippi state. You got outplayed in every aspect of the game, just take it and shut up...