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Monday, August 30, 2010

Sluggish practice, Mason status, etc.

Georgia held its last practice of the week in full pads. And head coach Mark Richt wasn’t too happy with how it went.

“I would have to say it left a little left to be desired,” Richt said. “I don’t think they were dogging it. But I could’ve liked to have seen a little bit more energy.”

Richt added that the fact it was the start of a fifth week of practice may have been why.

More notes from after practice:

- Mainly for injury reasons, Richt is a bit more up on his defense at this point.

“I think our defense is a little ahead of our offense, in that they’ve been a bit more healthy and been able to practice together more,” Richt said.

- There’s been much debate here on the blog about whether Hutson Mason should play this year. Or as soon as Saturday. So, because I do this for you, I asked Richt if they’d discussed Mason’s status yet.

“Yeah, but we haven’t told him anything yet,” Richt said.

So ask again in a day or two?

“Might have to ask me after the game Saturday,” Richt cracked.

Some other notes:

- Richt sort of cleared up who was starting at safety with Bacarri Rambo. The depth chart said Nick Williams, but Jakar Hamilton said he’d been told it was him.

Richt agreed that it was Hamilton and Rambo, but added that Williams “will play.”

- The only surprise in the official depth chart released Monday was Brandon Wood starting at one defensive end spot, with DeAngelo Tyson at nose tackle. Don’t expect that etched in stone.

“Depends on what day it is, I guess. But as of Saturday, maybe it was even Friday, I believe we were feeling like DeAngelo would start at nose.”

- Receiver Logan Gray “got through practice. You could tell it was still affecting him to a degree. But he got a lot of work in.”

- Receiver Rantavious Wooten, while also in a green jersey, went through drills. Richt thinks Wooten will play.


Dawgfan17 said...

The best thing about the fact that positions are not completely settled is that it does not seem that it will be like the past few years where once you were named the starter you were in there no matter how you performed on the field.

BullyMack said...

I have an eerie feeling (and I hope I am wrong) from reading Richt's qoutes lately that we will be in for another year of ho-hum Richt quotables whether things are going well or not so well regarding any issues that we all see or have a question about, etc.. His PR tactics had to be one of the most frustrating items to me from last year and I think a lot of people agree. He seemed to be a little more candid and forthright after canning Willie and hiring Grantham at the beginning of the year. I know he plays it close to the vest but I really hope he see fit to change that approach some this year.

Also, in my mind if they didn't get after it on the last day in pads for the week with the first ballgame Saturday hell make them redo the same practice in pads tomorrow to set the standard for the season. Just my $.02.

Also Seth, can you ask Richt what his involvement is going to be in season with the offense/game planning/play-calling compared to previous seasons? During the Spring he was a lot more heavily involved than previous Springs sittting in on the QB and Offensive meetings since we can basically turn the D over to Grantham. I'd be curious to hear what he says now. Thanks!

IveyLeaguer said...

I agree with BullyMack. I'd have a crack-down practice today in full pads, regardless of what it costs.

The lack of mental discipline and mental toughness have characterized our teams the last 5 years, especially 2008 & 2009.

Anonymous said...

The reason why Richt plays it close to the vest is because people over analyze ever little tidbit he says. I don't care what he talks about...the results on the field will speak for themselves.

Anonymous said...

Plus, do you think Richt really gives a damn about what the fans think and know? He has a team to coach and cannot sit around and be worried about what he shares and doesn't share with the fans.

We are all on a need-to-know basis and we'll be told when we need to know something.

BullyMack said...

OK if he shouldn't give a damn then he should stop doing his call-in show and speaking tours. How would that go over? I'm not speaking as some know-it-all fan who wants to show him how smart I am and I'm trying to put him down. I love Mark Richt. Last year with things going south, he didn't exactly endear himself with the "arena" comments among other ones to belittle our concern and love for him and our team. We are all into this together:the team, students, alumni, fans. I would just appreciate a more refreshing approach instead of becoming standoffish. Hell, he learned from the master himself, Bobby Bowden. The whole college football world has seen UGA fans stand up for him BIG TIME this offesason at every turn with the "hot seat" nonsense through every media outlet. Surely he has to appreciate that.

I'd like to see he is having fun too, and from the press conferences I've watched it just seems to be a grind mentally. I'm sure the arrests don't help. Maybe and most probably, winning will cure that. I want him around another 10+ years, not burned out and unhappy.

Anonymous said...

I don't know why the coaches would be worried about burning Mason's redshirt. I am much more worried about AM getting injured in the first quarter of the UF game and then sending in a QB who has never taken a college snap. That is a much bigger concern to me than whether Mason is eligible to play four years from now (especially with AM here and Lemay coming in). We need AM to get his experience as fast as possible, but no snaps for Mason would be irresponsible.

Anonymous said...

CMR will do what he has done in the past - win more than he loses.

He will also not provide opponents with bulletin board material. Which is exactly what he would do if he came out and said "We are going to pull our starting QB and let our freshman get some practice time"

I'll bet both QB's play if the game is in the bag but why in the world would you make a big deal out giving second or third string players playing time?

Anonymous said...


Something I've been wondering about ever since the 'Endzone Dance' and 'Blackout' season of 07, is why the team is not encouraged to celebrate. That season something that I felt separated the team from the crowd was the excitement these kids had when playing. I remember being in the stadium watching Knowshon and the boys get rowdy on the sidelines all season, pumping up the crowd and the team for success.

Something I feel is sorely lacking in college football is the 'fun'. These kids are out there to have a good time, and to play football. Let them. Get the box to play some of those new songs that get those guys moving and hyped up for another snap. It's something that I find was truly special about that '07 team, and have hoped to see ever since. Give our boys a chance to have fun and get psyched up the good 'ol fashioned way.