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Friday, August 20, 2010

A.J. the juggler

Pretty entertaining media session tonight with A.J. Green. The Georgia star receiver was wearing a Playboy All-American T-shirt, and joked that he also got a magazine with it.

Just for the articles, a reporter said to Green.

“Love the articles,” Green replied, to media laughter.

Green also said, with a smile, that he’d have to hide the shirt and Playboy sweatshirt from his mother, who was coming up Saturday morning.

There also came the revelation that Green was once a competitive juggler. No, really. He was on his elementary school juggling team, first picking up the skill as a second-grader.

“That helped with my hand and eye coordination a lot,” he said.

He can still juggle up to four things at a time.

“I can juggle everything: Pins, bowling pins, whatever,” Green said.

The craziest thing he can juggle? Metal rods, he said.

(There's a double entendre here to be done with the juggling and the Playboy thing. I'll let you figure it out.)

And, by the way, Green can also ride a unicycle.

Really. Who knew?

For more on all this, read Paul Newberry’s future story in the Associated Press.

Green was also briefly asked about his NFL future – “I’m taking it day-by-day” and the NCAA inquiry – which he still can’t comment on. He was hoping he could next week.

On the topic of Green and the NFL, quarterback Aaron Murray had a good quip.

“You never know, there might be a lockout,” Murray said, smiling. “I won’t complain too much if he wants to stay two more years.”


Anonymous said...

You are kidding me? This article was felt as information that just had to be written. Please re-read and ask yourself this...what in the hell am i writing about!!!

reipar said...

Anon, I assume you are aware you do not have to read this....correct? If you do not like the article simply click the red box with an X in the middle (it should be in the upper right hand corner of the window).

Hope this helps.

dawg1976 said...

anon is probably a stinking ass bama fan. he knows AJ Green is better Julio Jones.

Georgia will play Alabama in the SEC Championship game this year... and WIN

Green > Jones

Evan said...

My guess is Anon was in fact beat out by said AJ Green in the elementary juggling team tryouts. He never quite got over it and to this day whenever he sees AJ Green's name he drops something.

Anonymous said...

This is still the Bulldogs Blog, right? Someone needs a hug, I think.

Anonymous said...

the before mentioned "anon" here...
Actually UGA Grad, Season ticking holding, has a daughter who is only 5 but been to 6 GA/FL games, proud history loving UGA donating, put my last dollar on AJ over Julio against anything person here. Was simply stating this is almost officially football season and we are reading about our team leaders juggling ability of odd items. COME ON THIS IS UGA FOOTBALL HERE GUYS!!! THIS IS AJ GREEN we are talking about. Let the nerds brag on thier best players high score on Ms. Packman!!! Lets write about ASS KICKING FOOTBALL on our site! Pulpwood Smith has read this artical and to him self is saying...JUST DAMN! Now I gotta defend this S---T to Auburn, FL, SC, AK, etc!!!
All I'm saying!

P.S. AJ did beat me in the 2nd grade quarter regional juggling contest...and I will never be the same!