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Monday, June 6, 2011

This and that: Baseball, golf and football enrollees

ATHENS - As you can tell by the dateline, I'm back in the classic city. And it's good to be back, even though it's scorching hot and there's no ocean nearby to jump in.

There's a river, and a bunch of man-made lakes, but they're gunky. The dog has no problem jumping in them, but I'm a bit more discerning.

In any case, we are pretty much arriving at the doldrums-of-summer stage, as the season has ended for a bunch of Georgia spring teams. That doesn't mean stuff isn't going on. But it's not very much stuff.

Your news update:

- The Georgia baseball team saw its season end very late on Sunday night, as it fell to Oregon State in the NCAA tournament regional final. The Bulldogs lost 6-4, and even if they had won would have had to beat the Beavers again on Monday night.

This was very unfortunate not only for the Bulldogs, but for snarky people out there with middle-school senses of humor who wanted to make puns based on Oregon State's nickname. Yours truly of course finds this very immature.

- The Georgia men's golf team almost won the national title, but was defeated by Augusta State, 3-2, in Sunday's final. Ironically, the championship came down to the final match, where UGA's Harris English was defeated by Patrick Reed, a junior who began his career at Georgia.

- Summer school starts this week, so most if not all of the football signees will be registering for classes. Schools don't usually announce that players have registered - i.e., made it into school - but the only player we know who isn't making it is Chris Mayes. The Bulldogs pretty much knew the defensive tackle wouldn't make it when they signed him. (And the new over-signing legislation by the SEC will probably discourage teams from doing so in the future.)

It's also important to note that a player enrolling at UGA doesn't necessarily mean they're in the clear. You still have to make it through the NCAA Clearinghouse, so any excitement about players getting into school is a bit premature.

That said, from what I know right now, there's no cause to be concerned about anybody else on the signee list.

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Luke said...

give the oconee a chance. it will grow on you. great river access all over town.