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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Anybody up for a mailbag?

I have to form this into a question this time, because, well, it's summer and nothing much is going on. So maybe you don't have questions. Maybe you're taking some time off from football, Georgia athletics, or whatever. Maybe you're in Europe on vacation. Well, Europe or Early County, whichever you can handle.

In any case, yours truly is two days from my own two-week break. But it's been weeks since a mailbag, so I figure this would be a good time to throw open the satchel and see if anybody wants to throw any questions in.

If there's enough response, I'll post a mailbag before I leave. And as always, feel free to ask anything under the sun. Well, almost anything. Things I can't answer for various reasons:

- Where do we go when we die?

- What's wrong with the U.S. national soccer team?

- Why is "Jersey Shore" still a hit?

Anything else, fire away. Post a queetion below, or tweet at me, or email me at


dawgnotdog said...

Bigfoot, real or fake?

Jeff Ostenson said...

I know june predictions are like appendices, everyone's got one but they're mostly useless, but I was just wondering what your honest prediction is. you can do a best case and worst case scenario if you'd like. please explain where you see losses. thanks!

Stuart said...

Knowing full well that Jonathan Taylor more than likely won't play baseball again (although I will not say "never"), I was wondering if the Texas Rangers intend to make good with their drafting of JT and hire him in some capacity within the organization, perhaps in the scouting department? Or was his drafting for nothing more than P.R. points for the organization?

Pl0we said...

How many times have you been to bourbon street, general beauregards, and how many times have you been to power hour since you have been living in Athens

Clinton said...

1.) With Boise State having such a complicated Offense, do you see Georgia trying to stick with a base defense in the opener more than they would otherwise.

2.) In our Nickel set, who do you think will start on the Defensive Line against Boise?

3.) Did you receive a picture of Representative Weiner's Cheif of Staff and do you think he should step down?

Ed said...

Do you think UGA will ever retire David Pollacks #47 jersey? 3 time all american among the many awards and accolades.

ben said...

Any news on a new UGA? Is there any thought that there might be a 'secret' grand unveiling at GA Dome this September?

Mike said...

Most feel that Kentavious Caldwell Pope will step in in some sort of fashion and contribute some this coming year. Aside from him, which of of four new bigs coming in (Florveus, Dixon, Cannon, and Djurisic) do you expect to make the biggest impact their first year in Athens?

riskadvisor said...

Since most mock drafts do not have Thompkins or Leslie going in the 1st round, does it look like they should have stayed in school for another year?

Ant123 said...

Seth, What do the players think are the 2 most important things or areas they need to improve to compete at a championship level?

jake said...

Who you got winning the U.S. Open?

Dawgfan17 said...

Of the first year players already on campus is there any word on who showed up in shape and who seems to have the most work to do to drop some weight before summer camp starts? Same question for the returning players?

dawgjammin said...

What do you think is more beneficial to the team? Having the Boise St game inside and conserving some legs for the mid afternoon SC game or would it have been better to have a game in the humidity and heat to help get the team to get in "game shape".

I also think it would be interesting to see what the freshmen class measured in at vs what the recruiting services had them listed at.

DawgWood said...

We are coming up on the end of our fiscal year at work, and I just received my professional evaluation. At this time each year we begin to reflect on our own performance, accomplishments, and areas of need; and seek the feedback and support from others. As we begin another football season, I am curious to hear your evaluation as a journalist covering UGA athletics. So here are a few areas I would like you to discuss:

1) Please evaluate your performance in fulfilling your job responsibilities.

2)List any notable achievements accomplished over the course of the year.

3)Please list the goals you would like to focus on in the coming year.

Oh, and enjoy your vacation! Go Dawgs!