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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Thompkins has toe injury, may miss Bama trip

Georgia's final home game wasn't all good feelings, as it turned out. Trey Thompkins, the team's leading scorer, sat for the final stretch of the game and may miss Saturday's game at Alabama because of a toe injury.

Thompkins was dealing with the injury earlier in the week, according to head coach Mark Fox. The star forward played 22 minutes in Georgia's 73-53 win over LSU, finishing with eight points and five rebounds.

“I’m not sure to be honest with you if he’ll make it to the weekend," Fox said. "We’ve gotta get him healthy. The poor kid’s been hurt the entire year.”

Thompkins missed the team's first few games with a high ankle sprain, and at various times has worn shinguards and braces to deal with other minor leg injuries.

Meanwhile, freshman forward Marcus Thornton has a "deep laceration" of his elbow, according to Fox. But Thornton, who didn't play against LSU, has a more optimistic outlook for making the trip to Tuscaloosa.

“I think he has a chance to be back Saturday,” Fox said.

One final quote: Fox was asked if the win put the Bulldogs in the NCAA tournament. He answered this way:

“Nine wins with a chance of 10 in this league, OK? Twenty wins in the regular season. A good nonconference resume’. I wouldn’t sit here and tell you that we’re in the NCAA tournament, that we can be satisfied with where we sit. Now if I were sitting here with the selection committee, with some other coaches, I’d argue all day for our team. You’re darn right I’d argue all day for our team.”


Anonymous said...

Fire Dave Perno ! Furman 3 Dawgs 0 pathetic !

Anonymous said...

That's nice, Tech troll. We're talking about basketball. Whatever happened to you guys mucking up the game threads? Quit on doing that like you quit on your team?

Bulldawg said...

Anon 11:04-

He doesn't sound like a Tech troll to me, but instead a red-blooded dawg fan that is sick of losing to the likes of Stetson and Furman in baseball.

And as a die-hard dawg fan - I AGREE!

Anonymous said...

Hey idiots - wasn't it just 2 years ago that he got us to the World Series? You're a moron Bulldawg.