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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Richt: 'Obviously' a tougher message being sent

Mark Richt was asked Tuesday if the two-game suspension for Caleb King – after Washaun Ealey got only one game – was a reflection of a tougher standard.

“Yes sir,” Richt said, nodding.

Did Richt feel like he needed to send a message?

“Obviously,” Richt said, again keeping his answer short.

King’s arrest, the 11th of a Bulldog player this year, occupied a large part of Richt’s weekly news conference.

King was arrested early Monday morning after it was discovered his license was suspended, the result of a failure-to-appear-in-court charge stemming from a speeding charge.

When Ealey was arrested in August, also after a suspended license charge (and hitting a parked car), Richt said the team had a system in place for checking to see if licenses were valid.

Asked about that Tuesday, Richt said they were now moving from doing monthly checks on player’s driver’s licenses, to doing weekly checks.

As for outstanding tickets, Richt said it was the player’s responsibility.

“In this particular case, you basically would have to get in contact with every single county in the state of Georgia on a daily basis too make sure something like that didn’t pop up,” Richt said.

The result of King’s suspension is a revamped tailback position. Carlton Thomas remains questionable with a hamstring injury, so some new guys could be getting carries against Vanderbilt.

Freshman Ken Malcome is a candidate to have the redshirt taken off, though Richt didn’t commit fully to doing that.

Fred Munzenmaier, normally a fullback, will “absolutely” be getting work at tailback, according to Richt.

Dustin Royston has been getting more work at the fullback position too, along with freshman Zander Ogletree.


Anonymous said...

Good on you CMR - good on you.

Anonymous said...

Not only do you get suspended, but really ... do you want to be on's front page in such a negative light? Clearly, anything now that gets you arrested (no matter how minor) is going to hit the front page of all major sports news services. I know these are kids that don't often think too far into the future, but ... these stories are permanently out there on them for Future employers to see.

PTC DAWG said...

However our competitor schools handle this stuff, and keep it out of the papers, is what we need to be doing.

They all recruit the same kids, so it's obvious our PR machine isn't as powerful. Free tickets to cops, I don't care. Make it happen.

Anonymous said...

I agree with PTC Dawg.

Fred Munzenmaier is not a tail back except for blocking.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Fred Munzy has generally looked rather good running and catching the ball, from both the FB and TB positions. He's a good ballplayer.

IveyLeaguer said...

Munzenmaier is a ballplayer alright, but he is no tailback. Not in this League. That idea is pretty much a joke, and was a joke to begin with, when several years ago they first experimented with him there.

But if you have nobody else, of course, put him in there.