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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bobo Talks Spring QB Race

More notes coming in a bit, but here's a bunch of stuff from Mike Bobo about the race for the starting QB job this spring...

On whether he expected Logan Gray to play more last season...
“We did hope to play him more last year going into the season and it just didn’t work out that way. Not that we had this game plan going into each game that we were going to play him X number of snaps. Certain games did not dictate that, and sometimes performance in practice did not dictate playing in games. He had a lot of opportunities to prove that you’re ready to play. He knows what he has to work on, he’s been working on it hard, and he’s excited about this spring.”

On whether Aaron Murray's injury cost him a chance to play last year...
“I think it was a make-or-break thing. I can’t sit here and say if he wasn’t injured he would have played, but I think it definitely sealed the deal that he did not play when he misses 21 practice opportunities. It just hurt his progression of playing quarterback. It was not in his best interest or our best interest to play him based off of some potential we might have seen in the spring.”

On Zach Mettenberger's improvement with his footwork...
“He’s improved tremendously and a lot has to do with getting himself in good physical condition. He’s always going to be a big boy. He’s always going to weight around 240. But being in good physical shape where he doesn’t get tired and his legs get tired – he’s never going to be the fastest or the quickest guy, but if he’s in good shape and good condition, he’ll be able to improve his foot quickness.”

On what Mettenberger needs to work on with his footwork...
“People have told him all his life he’s slow and you’ve got to work on your feet. So a lot of times he overcompensates and tries to speed things up when he’s really in good timing and good balance, because in his mind, he’s thinking, I’m slow, I’m slow, I’m slow.”

On what he would like to do differently with this QB competition than he did in 2006...
“We probably should have weeded it down a little bit sooner. We went into two, two-and-a-half weeks of fall camp before we ranked them. It’s just tough to get that many guys reps and get them quality reps and get them ready for the season. I don’t see us going that far this year. Not to say it won’t go into the fall, but to wait until the second scrimmage, it’s a little bit difficult to get a guy ready to play for the first game. You’re trying to get them all an opportunity, but you’ve still got to get a guy ready for that first game.”

On how he views the QB competition this spring...
“The way we’re viewing it going into the spring is it’s wide open. There is not a clear-cut No. 1 going into the spring. Logan Gray will take the first reps with the No. 1 offense, but we’re planning on rotating all three, and giving all three equal amount of looks with the first group.”

On whether he could play two QBs extensively in 2010...
“I’d definitely be comfortable with that. Sometimes it takes that. You have to play it out sometimes if it’s close. You can’t overestimate playing in a game-like atmosphere and experience. I’m not saying yes or no, that’s what we’re going to do, but I would not be against it.”

On when he might begin to narrow down the options at QB...
“I can’t say it’s one week, two weeks, three weeks. It might be the end of spring, it might be into the fall. It depends on which guys step up, show an ability to lead the offense and execute the offense.”

On what the QBs need to do to impress this spring...
“The big thing for them is to worry about improving themselves and not worry about where they are on the depth chart, what their statistics were for the day or certain scrimmages. It’s about getting better every day and trying to put them in the best position to lead the offense. They need to worry about that, and we’ll figure out all that as we go.”

On the fact that each QB brings a different set of skills...
“You’ve got to put them into positions where they can be successful when you’re scripting plays and in practice. You know what they can do and what they can’t do. I want to do things they can be successful in.”

On how those skill sets could fit into the 2010 offense...
“A lot is going to depend on the personnel group around them, who steps up and who we think the playmakers are as to what direction we need to go at quarterback or what type of quarterback we might need to have. But the bottom line for the guy that plays quarterback for us, he’s got to make good decisions in the run and pass game, he’s got to be able to execute the offense and throw the ball accurately, and respect the football. Coming off last year, that’s going to be a big focus of ours is taking care of the football and not turning it over. Now if you add something to that with your legs or athletic ability, that’s a bonus.”

On what kind of physical shape the QBs are in...
“They’re all three doing a nice job in the winter workouts. The two young guys, Zach and Aaron, having come in last year and gone through mat drills definitely benefited them. They know what to expect. Logan going into his third or fourth mat is really doing a nice job of leading and competing. … All of them look great. Zach came in last year at about 245, 250. He’s down to about 234. He’s really changed his body. Murray’s at like 210, 211. He looks really good and does a good job in the weight room. His body looks great. Logan, when we signed that kid, he might have been 170, 175 pounds. Now he’s like 196, a really good athletic body. All three of them are in good shape physically, all of them are ready to go and excited about the opportunity they have this spring.”


Anonymous said...

On what he would like to do differently with this QB competition than he did in 2006...

Great question DH

ben said...

Anyone have an idea of what we would do with Aaron/Zach should they both be neck and neck for the job? It almost seems like a waste....for the player I mean. I don't necessarily mean even this year. If one had redshirted...sure that would have worked out well. I suppose one could still redshirt.

Anonymous said...

Ben they both redshirted. you only get one

Anonymous said...

Mike Bobo and the rest of the Offensive Coaching Staff does not evaluate talent well.

How in the hell did we wait until the 3rd quarter of the 5th game to rip the Redshirt off Washaun Ealey ?

When we did, why when he was our Leading Rusher was he the Starter only 2 games, and not even the last 2.

The last time we had to figure out the Depth Chart at Quarterback with no Quarterback ready was 4 years ago in 2006.

This “brain-trust that remains intact for Coach Richt on the Offensive Coaching Staff” chose Joe Tereshinski III over Joe Cox whom they put 2nd on the Depth Chart with Matthew Stafford 3rd on the Depth Chart.

Now, here we are again after last year not having a QB ready either again, and we have no QB ready and now we expect this same in-tact offensive coaching staff brain trust to choose the right Depth Chart.

God Help us.

Our Offensive Line cannot block for the Run.

We have 2 tremendous Fullbacks, and with all the struggles running the ball last season, we never did hand the football to either one.

Shaun Chapas only 7 rushes for 45 yards.

Fred Munzenmaier only 10 rushes for 37 yards.

Brandon Boykin is the hardest person to tackle on the team, maybe in the nation. Does the Offensive Coaching Staff think about that ? Hell no.

Mike Bobo has Knowshon Moreno 2008 and we are number 56 in the nation running the football with Knowshon Moreno. # 56.

Mike Bobo has Matthew Stafford 2007 and we are number 84 Passing offense in the nation and # 74 Total Offense.

8th worst in The SEC 2007 Passing Offense with Matthew Stafford.

8th SEC 2007 Passing.

Mike Bobo has Knowshon Moreno taken with the 7th pick and we are 5th in The SEC in rushing the football with Knowshon Moreno in 2008. Remember 2008 ?

2008 we gave up consecutive points of 31, 42 and 29 in 3 LOSSES.

Knowshon Moreno averaged 14 carries those 3 LOSSES.

5th best in The SEC in Rushing the Football in 2008 with Knowshon Moreno.

LSU, Alabama, and Florida were all BETTER than us Rushing the Football in 2008 and so even was Ole Miss. Yet, Mike Bobo had Knowshon Moreno and handed him the football a grand total of 14 times a game in our LOSSES.

My mother could figure out to hand the football more than 14 times to Knowshon Moreno against Alabama, Georgia tek and Florida.

Did Knowshon Moreno punch Mike Bobo in the eye yesterday, is that where Mike Bobo got the Black Eye.

Just asking.

Zach Mettenberger should have played last season.

Which is worse with this offensive coaching staff still in-tact, that we have no known quarterback again, or that we have none of the quarterbacks anywhere near ready ?

John Brantley was 3 of 4 against Georgia including a Touchdown Pass.

John Brantley Redshirted 2007.

John Brantley now is a Redshirt Junior 2010.

John Brantley played against UGA twice, Florida State twice, Kentucky twice, Vanderbilt twice.

John Brantley played against Tennessee, South Carolina, Arkansas, & LSU.

John Brantley has rushed 22 times for 75 yards.

John Brantley has thrown 76 passes.

John Brantley has thrown 1 interception.

John Brantley has thrown 54 completions.

John Brantley has thrown 10 Touchdown Passes.

John Brantley has 100 Offensive Plays.

John Brantley has 720 yards of Offense.

John Brantley has played in 16 games and he is READY.

Zach Mettenberger had to get on the field for UGA last season and did not. We needed him. It would have changed the season to play Zach Mettenberger instead of sore-armed unable to practice and had the flue Joe Cox against Oklahoma State. Does ANYONE think Zach Mettenberger would have done worse than the 10 points only that Joe Cox put up ?

Arizona State lost 8 games but Joe Cox had 2 interceptions and 1 Touchdown against Arizona State, scoring 20 points. Does anyone think Zach Mettenberger could not do as well as that, either ?

Tennessee lost 6 games but Joe Cox threw 2 interceptions and 0 touchdowns. Does anyone really think Zach Mettenberger could not have done at least that well ?

Anonymous said...

How in the hell did we not Start Orson Charles ? Why did it take until the 12th game of a 13-game season, to make Orson Charles Starter ? I tell you it is because Aron White had 3 catches his Freshman year putting him higher on the Depth Chart than Orson Charles who in his Freshman Year in spite of that had 23.

Do you know how many passes we threw to Branden Smith all season long ? Do you ?

Branden Smith 2 catches for 7 yards. Seven yards 2 throws. 4 yard 3 yard.

Marlon Brown 2 catches a 9 yard gain and a 6 yard gain. 2.

You sit in here defending Mike Bobo when RED DOG 77 tells you that Coach Richt has lost confidence in Mike Bobo and is taking it all back over.

Mike Bobo and the rest of the Offensive Coaching Staff talks every year about cutting down on penalties, cutting down on interceptions and cutting down on turnovers.

Then, they put guys out there who are not our best players, playing favorites.

Then, they put the better guys deep on the Depth Chart and do not start them.

Even when they prove they are better than the favorites, they still are not made the Starter.

Not 1 year have we gotten our Quarterback ready, not 1 – except for DJ Shockley in 2005.

We have failed again to get our QB ready for 2010 and here we are Starting Spring Practice and the G-Day Game and we have nothing but issues all over the Offense.

Logan Gray in his entire now 5-Year Career here at Georgia has completed 5 passes with 2 interceptions and 0 Touchdowns. 5 years and these are his totals.

He is not ready. We never get anybody ready around here at QB except 1 guy in 10 years now, DJ Shockley in 2005.

Our players are injured and stay injured.

Did you know that we have 4 players injured on the offensive line, unable to go now for the Spring ?

4 OL injured for Spring.

Let’s get the excuse list ready.

Write that down.

4 OL injured for Spring Practice, before we start Spring Practice.

There aren’t any more excuses.

Which team is it who said they are going to steal Coach Richt from us ?

I missed that.

Altamaha Dawg, which team is it that said they are going to steal Mike Bobo from us ?

I missed that, too.

Our head coach is not paid the 4th best salary because he is better than the Coach at Florida, the Coach at Alabama and the Coach at LSU.

We are a 4th place team in The SEC over the last 4 years.

This crap about sans the mistakes...

Excuse me, that is the issue with the Offense.


Can’t line up and run a play without a penalty.

When we do run a play, it’s to the wrong players.

When we do run a play, it’s a fumble

Or, an interception.

We lead the nation on offense for 4 years in a row now in Interceptions, Fumbles and Penalties.

10-10 vs SEC East teams because we cannot even line-up and run a play without a penalty, and when we finally do, it is an interception or fumble.

You cannot say, sans the mistakes.

14 losses the last 4 years and most of those against The SEC East. 10 of the 14 losses.

National Stage ?

We cannot even get out of our own Division.

Let alone our Conference.

To get on any National Stage.

10 years now Coach Richt has not beat 1 single solitary Top 10 Final AP Poll team in a bowl game.

It goes on and on and on and on and on, ad nauseam.

Ad infinitum.

No BIG BOWL GAME against a BIG OPPONENT on the NATIONAL STAGE that we have EVER won in the entire now 10-Year Coach Richt Era.

10 years now.

Coach Richt beat Not 1 Top 10 Final AP Poll team in any Bowl Game.

He has played 11 games against Top 10 Final AP Poll teams and has won 3 of them.

We sit here and make excuses for injuries but many of those too are preventable, such as allowing our Star Quarterback who is desperate to get under center and get some experience for the 1st time in his lifetime under center, to throw his arm out just exactly like we let Joe Cox do.

And, Caleb King with his hamstring.

Anonymous said...

How did we get AJ Green injured against Florida ? After Coach Richt told us he would throw the ball to AJ more in the 2nd half, we threw the football into 5-man coverage covering AJ Green.

We are without a clue on offense.

12 points vs 6-loss no bowl South Carolina 2007 Knowshon Stafford Bobo.

14 points vs 4-loss vols 2007 Knowshon Moreno Matt Stafford Bobo.

20 points vs 7-loss Vandie 2007 Knowshon Matt Stafford Bobo.

24 points vs 5-loss Kentucky 2007 Knowshon Stafford Bobo.

14 points vs 5-loss South Carolina 2008 Knowshon Matt & AJ Bobo

10 points vs Florida 2008 AJ Green Knowshon & Stafford. Bobo.

17 points vs 7-loss Auburn 2008 AJ Knowshon Stafford. Bobo.

24 points vs 4-loss Michigan State 2008 AJ Knowshon Matt Bobo

27 points vs 7-loss Arizona St 2008 AJ Knowshon Matt. Bobo.

26 points vs 7-loss vols 2008 AJ Knowshon Matt. Mike Bobo OC

24 points vs 6-loss Vandie 2008 AJ Knowshon Matt. Mike Bobo.

10 points vs Oklahoma St not ranked Top 25 Final AP 2009. Bobo.

20 points vs 8-loss Arizona State 2009. Mike Bobo Off Coord.

13 points vs LSU who beat not 1 Top 25 team 2009. Mike Bobo.

19 points vs 6-loss vols 2009. Mike Bobo Offensive Coordinator

27 points vs 6-loss Kentucky 2009. Mike Bobo Off Coordinator

17 points vs Florida 2009 Mike Bobo Offensive Coordinator.

They interviewed Coach Richt at half time against Florida losing for the 7th time in 9 years, and asked him how Mike Bobo could get AJ Green more into the game, and Coach Richt glibly fired back, throw him the football.


We have no fire on Offense.

We have 1 win against Florida last 4 years.

We have 1 win against Tennessee last 4 years.

We have 2 wins and 2 losses to Kentucky last 4 years.

This is The SEC East.

Worst of all, now 2010 with all the All-Stars on OFFENSE in this great state, and we get NONE OF THEM.


What does that tell you that the recruits in this state want to play Defense here but NOT OFFENSE.