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Monday, December 28, 2009

Post-Game Notes: Curran, Jones Still Undecided

(Note: My game story can be found HERE.)

From the seniors, it meant they could leave on a high note. For the underclassmen, it was an opportunity to get a jumpstart on 2010 while sending their older teammates out with a bang.

But for Rennie Curran and Reshad Jones, two juniors mulling an early departure for the NFL, Monday’s 44-20 win over Texas A&M only meant more questions.

Both were asked about their future plans following the game, and neither offered much in the way of specifics.

“I’m not leaning one way or the other,” Curran said. “The closer I get to the time, the harder it gets. It’s something I wish I didn’t have to deal with.”

Curran is the SEC’s leading tackler this season and is considered one of the top junior linebackers in the country, but his stature – generously listed as 5-11 in Georgia’s media guide – could harm his draft stock.

Jones, on the other hand, has all the physical tools, but scouts remain mixed on his overall performance. He considered leaving a year ago but changed his mind at the last minute, and he said he still doesn’t have a final decision on the future.

“I still haven’t made that decision yet,” said Jones, whose interception at the end of the third quarter Monday led to a Georgia touchdown. “I’m going to go home and talk with my coaches and talk with my family and see how things go, make the best decision for me and my family.”

That decision will probably wait for both players until Georgia hires a new defensive coordinator – something that could happen at virtually any moment.

Jones said he expected to make a decision within the next week, but also said he would definitely wait until a coordinator was in place. Still, he said he had no knowledge of exactly when that might happen.

“I heard he had some strong candidates and stuff, so I’m going to sit down and meet with the new defensive coordinator,” Jones said.

Waiting on the hire is something defensive line coach Rodney Garner said he has strongly suggested in numerous conversations with Jones in the past few weeks.

“We’re asking him to take his time, go through the process, look and see who Coach Richt hires and have an opportunity to sit down and visit with that guy and get a feel for his system, his scheme,” Garner said. “And if there’s a guy coming in here who can feature you like Tennessee does with Eric Berry, I think it would be very beneficial for him to come back.”

Garner said he hasn’t had significant conversations with Curran, but has recommended a similar course of action.

Both players said they are still waiting on the official results of their NFL advisory board review, but neither will let that be the lone determining factor in their final decision.

“I’m waiting and just spending the next couple days with my family trying to come up with the best possible decision,” Curran said. “Nobody’s putting an pressure on me at all, except for the fans. I love them to death, and I want to be able to give them a concrete answer, but I just can’t right now.”

Classes at Georgia begin again on Jan. 7, which Curran said provides an artificial deadline for them to make a decision, but the official NFL deadline is Jan. 15.

Last year, Asher Allen, Matthew Stafford and Knowshon Moreno all left school early and Stafford and Moreno both were taken in the first round of the NFL draft – Stafford as the No. 1 overall selection.

Neither Curran nor Jones figure to go quite that high, which makes their decisions all that much more arduous.

For Jones, however, he said Monday’s game provides a strong sense of closure should he decide it’s time to move on to the professional ranks.

“I had a pretty good game,” he said, “so leaving on a good note would be good.”


Brandon Boykin ran his way into the record books with an 81-yard kick return for a touchdown in the second quarter against Texas A&M, helping Georgia to a 44-20 win over the Aggies.

Boykin’s return came after A&M took an early 7-0 lead. Boykin fielded the ensuing kickoff and ran virtually untouched up the middle of the field and into the end zone to tie the score.

“They kicked it short and the blockers did a great job of opening it up,” Boykin said. “It parted like the red sea. It was just a straight shot really, and I had two blockers in front of me. It was great, it was a momentum changer and I think we sparked off of that.”

Boykin already set the Georgia record for return yardage in a season earlier this year. Boykin fell just 12 yards shy of 1,000 return yards for the season.

The touchdown was the third of the season following a kickoff for Boykin, which moved him past Gene Washington for the school record for both a season and a career. It also tied Boykin with Tennessee’s Willie Gault for the SEC’s single-season record.

“That’s amazing to me,” Boykin said after he was informed of the record. “I wasn’t aware of that but it’s a great accomplishment and I can chalk that up to my blockers.”


Linebacker Rennie Curran didn’t take the field until the first play of the second quarter as punishment by the coaching staff for a rules violation.

Curran missed a morning running session last week in Athens due to a dentist appointment and head coach Mark Richt said that comes with an automatic suspension for the first quarter of play in the next game.

“It was not a huge deal other than he had an early morning run and our policy is that he will not get to play the first quarter of the game,” Richt said. “It was nothing big at all in any way, shape or form, but he did sleep in on a morning he was supposed to run.”

Curran had started every game this season and entered play as the SEC’s leading tackler. The junior is considering leaving school early to enter the NFL draft.

Despite missing the first 15 minutes, Curran still finished with eight tackles in the game, second among the Bulldogs defenders.

“I should have been at practice and Coach Richt didn’t think I communicated with him well,” Curran said.


Boykin wasn’t the only Georgia player to come up big on special teams in the first half – two others got in on the fun with crucial blocks.

Geno Atkins blocked a 50-yard field goal attempt by the Aggies early in the second quarter to keep the game tied at zero.

After Boykin’s big return tied the game at 7 late in the second, sophomore Bacarri Rambo got in on the act with a blocked punt deep in Aggies territory. The ball bounced on the turf and Vance Cuff recovered at the 2-yard line. Tailback Caleb King cashed in on the next play to give the Bulldogs the halftime lead.


Georgia right tackle Josh Davis didn’t play against Texas A&M after suffering an ankle injury in practice earlier in the month. He was replaced by Vince Vance to start the game.

Davis had started six straight games for the Bulldogs at right tackle, which so happened to coincide with Georgia’s revived running game. His absence was felt immediately as the Bulldogs mustered just 27 yards on the ground in the first half against the Aggies.

The tide turned in the second half, however, and Georgia’s running attack found its footing, rushing for 181 yards in the final two quarters.

“What we were doing in practice, they were changing up a lot, giving us a lot of different looks,” left tackle Clint Boling said. “It was kind of hard to pick up at the beginning of the game, but the coaches went in at halftime and really came up with a great plan and we stuck with it through the end of the game.”


A.J. Green started at wide receiver, his first appearance since injuring his shoulder against Auburn on Nov. 13. He made six catches in the game for 57 yards to lead the Bulldogs’ receivers, but it was a couple of plays he didn’t make – two screen passes that he nearly broke for big gains if not for shoestring tackles – that haunted him.

“I thought if I would have played one more game coming into this one, I’d have been alright,” Green said. “I dropped two deep balls I knew I could catch, too. But that comes with not playing in six weeks.”


Texas A&M defensive end Von Miller came into Monday’s game as the nation’s leader in sacks with 17, but he was no match for Boling.

Georgia’s left tackle stoned Miller throughout the game, holding the Aggies’ pass rusher to just four tackles and no sacks.

“Leading the nation in sacks is a big accomplishment, and if that’s the guy I’m going to be going against, I don’t want to let him get another one on me,” Boling said. “I took that as a challenge, and I’m just glad I could step up to it.”


Recruiting coordinator Rodney Garner isn’t sure what he’ll have to work with on defense next year – both in terms of his coordinator and the players. With Rennie Curran and Reshad Jones considering leaving for the NFL draft, a few more scholarships could open up for the Bulldogs, but Garner said he doesn’t see more than 25 or 26 commitments at the most for next year’s signing class.

“Obviously we have a lot of guys committed, but we have to do a good job of holding on to those guys that are committed,” Garner said. “In the next month, it’s going to be a critical month for us in the process. We need to hold on to the guys we’ve got committed and there a couple more guys out there we’re still targeting. We need to be able to close on those guys.”


Georgia was held without a point in the first quarter for the fifth time this season. In the Bulldogs’ last eight games against FBS opponents, they’ve scored a total of just 17 points in the first quarter… Texas A&M quarterback Jerrod Johnson became the fourth quarterback to throw for 300 yards against Georgia, but the first since Jonathan Crompton in Week 7… Georgia’s 44 points set a new bowl record for the team, eclipsing the old mark of 41 set two years ago against Hawaii in the Sugar Bowl…


Anonymous said...

Thanks for clearing up the Curran suspension. Ron Franklin made it sound like Curran completely shirked a disciplinary run, and that didn't reflect well on him or his leadership role. Glad to hear more details about it.


T-Rey594 said...

Great game dawgs. Rennie, Reshad, I'd love to see you come back but best of luck to you if you don't. David, Is there any way you could do a vote on a NFL all-decade team? That would be very interesting.

Dawgfan17 said...

David - Who actually called the plays on D? Just curious. Also I know this has been covered a little but some time soon after RC and Curran and Jones make their decisions would be great to see what the very early depth chart for UGA would be for next year as well as what we lose verses other teams in the SEC.

Herschel Blogger said...

if you do Tuesday Links tomorrow.. I've got a post up currently with some thoughts from the game, and will most likely have a new post up by the time you do links. feel free to link it over! Thanks for all you do David.

Lane said...

Vance missed a couple of key blocks early. Question, why wasn't Anderson starting initially. Also, the key to the OL, was moving Boling to LT.

Lingering question why the move of Tripp, to the DL, from the OL.


Anonymous said...

seems like Garner is adding fuel to the fire for the Chavis rumors with his "if a dc comes in and will highlight you like Tennessee did with Eric Berry, then come back." We all know Berry wasn't a big part of the Tampa 2 in knoxville this year so that was a direct quote about chavis.

David, any chance Boling is thinking of entering the draft? He's a very stellar OL. It would kinda of be a shock, but he has played great the past 3 years. I think he'll play LT again next year no matter how healthy Sturdivant is...

Unknown said...

Posted this on the dawgvent as well, but wanted to share with all of the bulldog blog readers too. These are my thoughts on things following yesterday's game:

Now that we have an offseason to go into with a little hope and optimism towards next year (a lot, if you believe that Murray will help answer a lot of our problems- which I do), I think it is time to take a little perspective and look at this team from the top.

Coach Garner, Mitch Doolittle, and Todd Hartley did a superb job of getting the defense ready for this game (and whichever offensive coaches worked on ST as well) and they are deservedly getting credit for stopping the #5 offense in the country, but we need to make sure we do not overlook the job that Coach Richt has done over the past month and change (since the KY game) to get this team back in order.

While MANY on this board wanted to trash him and fire Richt for the likes of somebody who would ultimately be inferior, Mark Richt knew what he had to do-- he separated personal and professional relationships and dismissed three coaches-- and he did it.

At that point, the team could have given up. Not Coach Richt's team.

While the axe had yet to fall, it was very clear that Willie was a lame duck for the Tech game but CMR got he and the boys up to face a top 10 Tech opponent with an offense that ran for 400+ against us last year and led us to an inspiring victory.

After dismissing the coaches, rather than rushing to hastily name a successor, he has done due diligence in pursuing the top defensive minds in the game (you cant criticize for the lack of success in pulling Bud Foster, a DEFENSIVE INSTITUTION at vatech, away from Beamer), and he has still taken the time to speak to all of the recruits whose young minds have been confused by the coaching carousels and make them realize that all will be well in Bulldog Nation.

Despite all of the obstacles that have confronted our program this year, Coach Richt managed to rally the troops one last time and go SHUT DOWN the #5 offense in the country. He instilled enough drive in the GA's, Coach G, and the offense to go out and show why the Georgia Bulldogs belong somewhere better and more prestigious than Shreveport, LA.

He seems to have been a bit bi-polar over the last several years, but the Richt I feel we have seen since the KY game is back to being the hungry coach Richt and he's the guy that I truly believe can lead our team back to the promised land.

This has been a critical year from a fan's standpoint, but things are looking good for next year as has been well chronicled. With the talent we have on D, the next coordinator is going to be getting the keys to a BMW with the hopes of somehow upfitting it to become something even more exotic.

With all of that said, I am glad that Mark Richt is the head football coach at UGA and I wouldn't want anyone else doing the job. I believe that in 2010, the Bulldogs will be back to great things and I hope everyone sees the value that our head coach brings to the table, ESPECIALLY after yesterday's performance in the face of adversity.

Now let's go RECRUIT!

meat said...


How did you get the Boling quotes? I thought Coach Searels kept a muzzle on his hogs.