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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Richt: No Coaching Changes

Mark Richt said he did not expect to make any coaching changes during the offseason when he spoke with reporters on his regular Sunday teleconference. Here are his comments...

On whether he anticipates making any coaching changes: "I really don't. We're going to get better, and we're going to do a better job next year, I can promise you that."

On whether he is happy the season is over: "I guess we've just got the bar raised so high that anything less than a championship is a disappointment. That's not all bad. I want the Georgia people, the players and the coaches to expect championships. I want that to be our goal, but when you come up short of it, it hurts."

"I guess you have to have a season like this here and there to really appreciate the other ones."

On the bowl game: "We're going to get an opportunity to play on national television one more time, let the country see us play. We want to make a good showing, have a strong finish and help our seniors have their last ballgame be a victory."

On defensive shortcomings this year: "I'm not sure we tackled enough. We had so many injuries early on in fall camp … and we were a little bit more cautious than we had been in the past on tackle-to-the-ground drills. In hindsight we probably missed that."

On making a change on kickoffs for the bowl game: "I think that's possible. I'm not going to say that will happen, but there's a chance of it happening. We've got to get the kick where guys can go cover it and know where it's going to be, and we just haven't been consistent in that area."

"Lindley has been the guy, and he's the next option right now."

On how he will go about evaluating things after the season: "We're just going to start at the top and go to the bottom on just everything that we do and really critique it, be willing to do whatever it takes to get better."

"It's really not a whole lot different than any other season. In the offseason you try to go top to bottom with what you do and how you do it, but it might be with an even finer tooth comb than usual."

"We just have to be real open and honest in our evaluation of ourselves and do what it takes to get better."


Anonymous said...

Judas priest. What does it take to get CWM's kind of job security?

Let's talk about the bowl game. If we go to the Cap One and play MSU they have a running back by the name of Javon Ringer. He's run for 1,590 yards this year. After watching the Tech game what's your confidence level that CWM will put forth a plan to stop him? Will Richt stick to his no changes after a bowl blowout?

If anyone thinks the defense is going to be better next year you are dreaming. Stafford, Moreno, and MoMass are going to be gone and the defense can't expect to get bailed out of games like KY and Auburn.

OK State, South Carolina, LSU, Florida, Auburn, and Georgia Tech are going to be very tough games with CWM running the defense. This season could have easily ended 6-6 instead of 9-3 if a mere 3 plays had gone the other way.

Anonymous said...

I just absolutely cannot believe this. Damon Evans must get involved. Hell, I do not care if Adams gets involved....something has to change.

Anonymous said...

Come on, folks. Seriously? If all of us knew so much about football we'd be the ones making the big bucks and making the touch decisions. Somebody on the team has to start breathing fire for all of this to get going. The team was in place yesterday to make plays, and they just didn't tackle. That can be pinned on the coaches, or it can be pinned on the players. Until we get another Pollack or Blue or Davis or someone like that, it's going to be soft arm tackling.

Are you going to listen to a bunch of message board junkies, or are you going to trust the guy who's brought us 2 SEC titles and a number of Top 10 finishes. I'm sure they're all frustrated, and I'm sure they're all embarrassed and disappointed. It's over, though. Look to the bowl game; look to next fall; and look for some players to get some fire in their belly.


Anonymous said...

I've been a (diehard) Dawgs fan for the past 8 years ever since I had the privilege of seeing them play in the Hawaii Bowl (formally known as the Oahu Bowl) in 2000. Being born and raised in Hawaii posed no problems to me as I faithfully rooted for Georgia in last years Sugar Bowl. Besides that, the REASON I chose to become a Georgia fanatic was because of their tenacious and stoic defense.

This year, I had high hopes/expectations that were hampered by injuries. Regardless of those injuries, I do believe that was no excuse for the poor defensive schemes that were implemented by CWM. I scratched my head as he continually put our linebackers on South Carolina's wide receivers and watched them get burned time and time again.

I believe this year provided too many "close calls" due partially in part to CWM's gameplan. The Georgia Tech game was an abomination. Blaming the players?...The straw that broke the camels back.

Anonymous said...

David, this is a little off-topic, but I see by your picture that you finally got to meet UGA VII, so I have to ask, after seeing him up close...does that dog seem like there's something wrong with him??? I mean, my bulldog statue is about as animated as he is. Every time I see him he's either just stoically standing there or laying down like he's dead

Anonymous said...

"Come on, folks. Seriously? If all of us knew so much about football we'd be the ones making the big bucks and making the touch decisions. "

You are an idiot. I hate when people say things like this, and most of the time i hate the person saying it.

This year marks the first time in UGA FOOTBALL HISTORY that our defense has given up 35+ points in 5 regular season games in the same season.

The total is now 11 (ELEVEN) games where a team has scored 30+ points on a Willie Martinez defense. That is in only 4 years. Just for a point of reference, Van Gorder gave up 30+ ONCE (in 4 years), to the eventual National Champ LSU.

Numbers dont lie people. And if Richt doesnt fire Willie Martinez, he should be fired himself. If he doesnt fire Willie, his manhood should be questioned.

Anonymous said...

A lot of my friends and me think Martinez should go. We have to much talent to win by a touchdown in some cases, did pretty good with Ala, was down 31/0 played and only lost by 11, then FL just killed us. So with the talent we have if it's not coaching, then what is it. The coaches can't say the players didn't give it their all, because they did.