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Monday, March 16, 2009

Richt Releases Moody

Georgia has released linebacker Dexter Moody from scholarship, according to Scout's Dean Legge (subscription required). I'm working on tracking down some more info on this, but given that Richt has repeatedly that he only pulls scholarships for behavior issues, I think we can safely assume what the problem was.

Moody was one of two ECI players headed to UGA this summer, along with RB Washaun Ealey.

UPDATE: Athens' Marc Weiszer has quotes from Moody's coach in his blog today. Something tells me if the rumors people are spreading were true, the coach wouldn't be so pleasant in his discussion. Remember folks, in the age of the Internet and message boards, you REALLY can't believe everything you hear.

UPDATE: TotalUGA has an exclusive interview with Moody himself explaining the situation. Note: This is subscription only.


Mike said...

Here's a message board rumor that broke in mid-January (erroneously said at the time to be about Ealey, not Moody).

Ben said...

That is definitely a rumor Texas. I don't blame CMR for his decision. Pretty serious stuff.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

So when will Kiffin offer him a scholarship?

Tha Town (Jajuan) said...

I'd be careful with believing the coaches wife stuff, I've heard it's about an accumulation of problems and a recent incident just pushing it over the top...but apparently the coaches wife stuff is false.

Anonymous said...

The ABH's Marc Weiszer is on the Georgia payroll, making up stuff about some Dexter Moody "fussing with the chemistry teacher." Everyone knows the real story. That's why I never trust's Weiszer's stuff.

Anonymous said...

That sectalk website is one of the saddest websites I've ever seen. It's crazy what football does to some people.